'The Sims 4' Best Cheats – Everything You Need to Know About Cheats in 'The Sims 4'

If you’re looking to have some fun, here’s a look at the best cheats in 'The Sims 4,' which range from giving you free money to removing build restrictions.

Jon Bitner - Author

Jan. 20 2023, Published 4:53 p.m. ET

Sims Painting
Source: EA

While a lot of fun can be had in The Sims 4, using cheat codes is a great way to spice up the action. Whether you want to remove building restrictions, give yourself a bunch of Simoleons, or quickly enhance a skill, cheats make it easy to speed up your progress and play on your terms. But what are the best cheats in The Sims 4? And how to do you activate them? Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know.

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The best cheats in 'The Sims 4.'

There’s no shortage of cheats in The Sims 4. Some only have a minor impact on your gameplay, while others can provide you access to features that are otherwise restricted (such as the chance to ignore placement rules while building). Whatever you’re looking to achieve, one of the best Sims 4 cheat codes below should be able to help.

The Sims 4 Building
Source: EA
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Cheat CodeDescription
rosebudEarn 1,000 simoleons
motherlodeEarn 50,000 simoleons
FreeRealEstate OnBuil anywhere without spending money
FreeRealEstate OffTurn off the FreeRealEstate cheat
bb.moveobjects onMove objects freely without regard to placement grid
bb.enablefreebuildBuild anywhere without restrictions
sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlaborSim or Ghost is about to give birth
relationships.create_friends_for_simA new Sim is created with 100% Friendship
modifyrelationship 'entire Sim name 1' 'entire Sim name 2' 100 ltr_friendship_mainCreates a 100% positive Friendship between entered Sims
modifyrelationship 'entire Sim name 1' 'entire Sim name 2' 100 ltr_romance_mainCreates a 100% positive romantic relationship between entered Sims
death.toggle.trueSims can no longer die
death.toggle.falseReturn death.toggle to original value (that is, Sims can die again)
sims.fill_all_commoditiesReplenish all Sim commodities
aspirations.complete_current_milestoneInstantly finish your current goal
The Sims 4 House
Source: EA
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Another great cheat to use is stats.set_skill_level [skill code] [#]. This changes the corresponding skill to the entered skill level. For example, using “stats.set_skill_level Cooking 10” will increase your cooking level to 10. This works with most skills in the game – just make sure you’re entering a valid number at the end of the string. Entering 11, for example, would return an error in the above example, as you can’t increase your cooking skill beyond 10.

How to activate cheats in 'The Sims 4'

Before you can start using cheats in The Sims 4, you’ll have to first pull up the Cheat Console. This can be done by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard. If you're playing on Xbox or PlayStation, hold down both triggers and bumpers for a few seconds. With the Cheat Console open, type in a cheat listed above and press Enter. If you’ve entered a valid code, it’ll be activated immediately.

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