The Creator Clash 2 Scandal Now Involves iDubbbz's Wife — What's Going On?

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Apr. 3 2023, Published 1:45 p.m. ET

In the weeks leading up to Creator Clash 2 — a charity event in which streamers and other internet personalities participate in individual boxing matches — controversy has surrounded the upcoming spectacle.

The event is run by iDubbbz (real name: Ian Kane Jomha), a YouTuber best known for his many comedy video series as well as being the face of several internet memes.

Despite Creator Clash 2 fast approaching, he has been noticeably silent on recent developments surrounding the event.

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Musician/comedian Froggy Fresh was recently removed from Creator Clash 2, having previously been announced to be facing off against YouTuber Chris Ray Gun. As of this writing, iDubbbz has not stated an official reason for Froggy's omission, and even Froggy Fresh himself claims to not know the reason.

In a follow-up tweet posted on April 2, Froggy Fresh posited two theories: It was either because of his friendship with controversial internet comedian Sam Hyde or because of his statements about iDubbbz's wife.

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Who is iDubbbz's wife? Get to know Anisa Jomha.

iDubbbz is currently married to a woman named Anisa Jomha. On her Instagram, she describes herself as a video creator. She has previously been active on outlets like Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, but posts sporadically on each of them if she posts at all. They got married in June 2021, with iDubbbz taking on her last name in their union.

On her protected Twitter, she put "boxing promoter" in her profile, which would make her a perfect fit for iDubbbz Creator Clash event.

However, she has been recently named amid the ongoing controversy surrounding Creator Clash 2 and Froggy Fresh. While Froggy supposedly hasn't been told why he was removed from the roster, one of his theories was that it was because he openly stated that he would subscribe to Anisa's OnlyFans account.

She previously started an OnlyFans account in 2020. Though iDubbbz has publicly stated that he's fine with it, he and Anisa were met with divisive reactions.

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Froggy Fresh continued to reference her OnlyFans in his Creator Clash 2 response, in which he challenges iDubbbz to an MMA-style cage match.

"If I win, iDubbbz and Creator Clash have to promise not to sue me for hanging out and training with Sam Hyde or for saying I would subscribe to Anisa's OnlyFans or whatever else they want to conjure up," Froggy stated. "But if iDubbbz wins, then I promise to never subscribe to Anisa's OnlyFans."

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Who is iDubbbz's mother-in-law?

Interestingly enough, Anisa's mother (i.e., iDubbbz's mother-in-law) was also roped into the controversy. Anisa's mom, Maureen Jomha, has actually worked closely with her daughter throughout her career on the internet. She previously worked as a chat moderator for Anisa's Twitch channel. Maureen was even active on Twitter as she interacted with other influencers.

With this kind of proximity to her daughter's career, it's no wonder that she's become part of the Creator Clash controversy.

Maureen and Froggy Fresh previously got into an exchange on Twitter, in which the two of them hurled insults at each other over Froggy Fresh not being in Creator Clash 2. In the days that would follow, Maureen would subsequently delete her Twitter account.

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