Creator Clash 2 Has Officially Be Confirmed — Here's the Initial Lineup of Matches

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jan. 25 2023, Published 12:59 p.m. ET

Content creators are getting ready to rumble with the announcement of Creator Clash 2. This follow-up to the May 2022 event will see celebrity creators from all across the internet face off in a friendly set of boxing matches. The new event sees many returning fighters from the previous Creator Clash, but it will also feature other key figures in online communities who are completely new to the fray. From gamers to foodies to YouTubers and everyone in between, Creator Clash 2 has them all.

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The lineup for Creator Clash 2 was announced on Jan. 24, 2023, and the event is set to take place in April of this year. Creator Clash 2 will also have other content creators serve as commentators for each match. It's truly a collection of some of the most popular internet influencers getting caught up in a flurry of fists for a good cause.

What is Creator Clash? Who's in the lineup?

Creator Clash is a charity event where influencers face off against each other while collecting donations for various causes. This year, the event is partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the AbleGamers Charity, the American Kidney Fund, and the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation, among others.

Creator Clash 2 will take place on Saturday, April 15, 2023, at the Amalie Arena in Tamba, Fla.

Check out who's facing off against who in Creator Clash 2.

Alex Wassabi vs. iDubbbz

In the blue corner, we have Alex Wassabi. Alex is a popular YouTuber and an actual professional boxer who posts challenge videos, life vlog updates, and other humorous content.

And in the red corner, there's iDubbbz, a YouTuber best known for his many comedy series. He previously headlined the first Creator Clash, where he lost to Doctor Mike.

John Randall Hennigan vs. Harley Morenstein

John Randall Hennigan aka John Morrison is a professional wrestler and actor who was featured prominently as a WWE fighter throughout his career. He has also appeared in several shows, movies, and web series.

He faces off against Harley Morenstein, the popular creator and host of the YouTube food challenge series Epic Meal Time. Harley also participated in the first Creator Clash.

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I did a thing vs. Fitz

Alex Apollonov aka I did a thing is a comedian and YouTuber who lives in Australia. On his channel, he puts his engineering skills to the test in funny meme projects.

Meanwhile, Fitz (real name Cameron McKay) is a comedic gamer who typically plays games like Fortnite and Among Us with his friends.

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Froggy Fresh vs. Chris Ray Gun

Froggy Fresh is an American songwriter who achieved internet fame from his comedy rap music. He later became a real singer under his real name, Tyler Stephen Cassidy.

His opponent is Chris Ray Gun, a somewhat-controversial YouTuber and musician who tries to inject political commentary into his comedic raps.

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Haley Sharpe vs. Marisha Ray

TikTok star Haley Sharpe aka @yodelinghaley is a returning Creator Clash contender who posts popular lip-sync videos and life updates on her profile. According to TheWikiFeed, she also works as a model.

She faces off against Marisha Ray, a prolific voice actress best known for voicing several characters in Critical Role.

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Myth vs. Humdar

Ali Kabbani aka Myth is a popular gamer on YouTube. Aside from his videos on Fortnite, Valorant, and several other popular titles, he also posts several videos of his boxing career.

He'll fight Hundar, another YouTuber who hosts the MuscleParty fitness-related channel.

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Arin Hanson vs. Jarvis Johnson

As another returning Creator Clash fighter, Arin Hanson is best known as one of the longtime hosts of the Let's Play YouTube channel Game Grumps.

His opponent is Jarvis Johnson, a YouTuber and former software engineer who now posts commentary videos on current events.

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Mika vs. Alanah Pearce

RIPmika, known better as Mika, is a popular Twitch streamer who has previously played games like Fall Guys, Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Quarry.

She'll fight Alanah Pearce, a video game writer and former journalist for outlets like IGN.

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Leonhart vs. CrankGamePlays

Leonhart vs. CrankGamePlays

Leonhart is a popular Pokémon YouTuber who typically posts about his adventures in shopping for trading cards based on the series.

He'll face off against CrankGamePlays, another gaming YouTuber who also posts comedic content and reaction videos.

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Dad (Nathan Barnatt) vs. Ab (Ab Ayad)

Nathan is a comedian who is best known for his character, "Dad," on his channel. His character also has his own YouTube channel.

He'll adopt his Dad person in his match against Ab (Ab Ayad) aka @Starkilla, a content creator and previous contender who previously worked on h3h3Productions.

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Jaelaray vs. Abelina Sabrina

Jaelaray is a popular Twitch streamer. She can typically be seen playing League of Legends.

Her opponent will be Abelina Sabrina, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who regularly posts comedy sketches.

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Jack Manifold vs. Dakota Olave

Finally, we have Jack Manifold, the host of JackManifoldTV who typically posts pranks, challenge videos, and other forms of content.

He'll fight Dakota Olave, a content creator who has more than 9 million followers on TikTok alone.

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