Is Addison Rae Really Quitting TikTok?

Is Addison Rae quitting TikTok in 2021? Rumor has it the 20-year-old is leaving the social media platform that made her a star and gave her millions.


Jul. 10 2021, Published 11:58 a.m. ET

Addison Rae
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There’s no indication that Addison Rae is quitting TikTok— in fact, she recently said she’s in it for the long haul — but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning.

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Idle gossip would have you believe that Addison is quitting the social media platform that made her a household name, maybe even to focus on her music and acting careers. But don’t believe the hype: Addison has been a TikToker for years now, and she’ll likely stay a TikToker for years to come.

Addison has talked about the temptation to take her social media accounts offline.

Addison Rae
Source: Getty Images

In the June 10 episode of her Spotify podcast,That Was Fun?, Addison discussed the challenges of social media fame, especially the constant criticism.

“It’s really hard. It’s a struggle,” the 20-year-old said. “Sometimes, I’m like, ugh, I just want to quit everything. Like, I really do think that. And I’m like, I just wanna stop. Like, I just wanna delete all my social medias and stop. … I could! Easily. It’s literally a click away.”

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But Addison said that when those thoughts spring up, she thinks about how her social media work feeds into her other creative pursuits. (She released the dance-pop single “Obsessed” in March, and she’s making her acting debut in the rom-com film He’s All That, due for release on Netflix later this year.)

“I was thinking about the movie, and then I was thinking about music and writing, and I was like, why would I give that up? ‘Cause I love that so much,” Addison said on the podcast. “If I deleted all my social media, I obviously could still do music and stuff, but that’s a part of it for me. That’s a part of writing, and finding my inspiration, and I mean all the stuff I’ve been through in the past year and a half.”

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But she thinks she’ll be on TikTok for “as long as it’s a thing.”

Despite her moments of doubt, Addison told Mane Addicts in December 2020 that she has no plans on leaving TikTok any time soon. “I think as long as it’s a thing, I’ll be on it,” she said.

She also revealed how she deals with her TikTok haters.

"I just remind myself at the end of the day that I surround myself with good people who love me and I love them,” she said. “People want to hide behind the screen and use that to their advantage. I always look at it, too, like people who have negative things to say, a lot of them are going through things themselves, and they’re trying to deflect that onto someone else… If people are being hateful, I just wish the best for them, you know?"

It’s probably a smart move for Addison to stay online, considering she currently has 81.8 million followers and 5.3 billion likes on TikTok. Plus, in August 2020, Forbes named her the highest-earning TikToker after she pulled in $5 million over a 12-month span.

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