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Source: Netflix

'Cable Girls' Will Come to an End After Season 5, but When Will Part 2 Drop?


After debuting in 2017, Netflix's Spanish language drama Las Chicas del Cable aka Cable Girls has won fan and critical acclaim for its representation of four forward-thinking women in Madrid in the 1920s who work for a brand-new telecommunications company. The show combines the realities of being a working woman during that time period, and how it affects the women themselves, their partners, and families. 

Part 1 of the series' fifth season dropped on Netflix on Feb. 14, and sadly for fans, it's the beginning of the end. The show's fourth season ended with more than just one cliffhanger, meaning that there's a lot that needs to be accomplished during Cable Girls' last season

Is Cable Girls ending? Read on for your refresher on how Season 4 left off, and for the scoop on what the final season entails.