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Source: Netflix

'Fuller House' Season 5 Part 1 Is the Beginning of the End


It has been almost four years since Full House returned in the form of its reboot, Fuller House, with the adult Tanner children at its helm. And within the past five seasons, DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy, and everyone who isn't in their she-wolf pack, have grown up a lot. And now that Season 5 Part 1 has officially premiered on Netflix, viewers may be wondering if Fuller House is over now.

The first part of Season 5 ended with Steve proposing to DJ and Stephanie gaining a little clarity about what she wants to do with her life. The handful of episodes overall allowed DJ’s kids to grow up just a little more and even featured some of the Full House cameos the show has become known for. But there were still some storylines that weren’t quite wrapped up and fans are probably already ready for more Fuller House.