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This Main Character on 'Chicago Med' Could Be the Next to Leave (SPOILERS)


May 19 2021, Published 10:15 p.m. ET

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 6 of Chicago Med.

If you've been keeping score with Chicago Med, you know that a lot has happened already on Season 6! With our favorite medical staff now in the midst of the pandemic like the rest of us, their already-stressed lives have gotten even more intense. Romances have gone up in flames and we're aware that several series regulars are leaving Chicago Med after Season 6.

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Dr. Will Halstead, in particular, is seemingly at a crossroads — he unknowingly helped Natalie get some much-needed prescription drugs for her mom, which could jeopardize his job. Now the trailer for the Chicago Med Season 6 finale has left fans wondering if Halstead is leaving the show.

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Clues from prior episodes might hint at Will Halstead's future on 'Chicago Med.'

The first two episodes of Season 6 were rough for Will. Shortly after learning Hannah had relapsed on drugs, they break up. And to add insult to injury, in the very next episode, Will is passed over for a promotion that was within his reach — had he even been considered. All of this bad news builds and Will begins taking his frustration out on others around him. 

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So Will put himself on a new path at the emergency department. As of Episode 6, titled, "Don't Want To Face This Now" (appropriate, perhaps?), Will considered a career decision that could alter his fate with Chicago Med

When he decided to assist with the medical trial for Dr. Sabeena Virani, not all clinical trials went as smoothly as hoped, so it seemed like his career could be in jeopardy.

Two other characters are leaving 'Chicago Med' after Season 6.

Although nothing has been announced regarding Will Halstead's exit, the network has shared that both Torrey DeVitto, who plays Dr. Natalie Manning, and Yaya DaCosta, who plays nurse April Sexton, will be leaving Chicago Med. This is a hint that Nick Gehlfuss, who plays Dr. Will Halstead, will probably not be leaving. 

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In a promo for the finale, we see Will Halstead getting fired from the hospital. While this could lead many of us to think Dr. Halstead is leaving the show, it might be a misdirect. 

Dr. Manning's plotline in which she stole meds using Halstead's prescription pad appears to be the reason Halstead is in hot water. Knowing that Natalie Manning is actually leaving, it's possible that the hospital tries to fire him, but Natalie gets herself fired instead. 

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Nick Gehlfuss, who plays Halstead, hasn't mentioned leaving 'Chicago Med.'

Actor Nick Gehlfuss, who plays Will, has not mentioned leaving the show, so it is safe to say that perhaps we haven't seen the end of Will Halstead. In fact, despite the seemingly revolving door of romantic interests for Will, he might be jumping into another relationship soon. After Nina, Natalie, and most recently Hannah, it is clear that Will has no qualms getting into workplace romances. 

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This season started off with a bang, and where it ends will certainly be as much of an emotional roller coaster as prior seasons. 

You can catch up on Chicago Med on Peacock, NBC, Amazon Prime, or Hulu now. 

The finale of Chicago Med's Season 6 will air on May 26 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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