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Source: MTV

No, Maci From 'Teen Mom' Isn't Pregnant Again, but She's Open to Adoption Down the Road


All of the moms in the Teen Mom franchise earned their roles simply by becoming moms at a young age. Along the way, some of the moms have had other kids and grown their families. Now, thanks to a shared article and photo on social media, it looks like Maci from Teen Mom is pregnant, making her yet another mom from the series who decided to have more kids once she was no longer a kid herself.

In a recent tweet, Maci posted a photo of herself and her husband, Taylor McKinney, with a sonogram technician who seemed to be scanning Maci's stomach for a new pregnancy. But these days, a lot of moms in the Teen Mom franchise are known for posting similarly misleading articles to draw in fans. Still, fans were immediately concerned that Maci's family is about to grow by one.