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No, Maci From 'Teen Mom' Isn't Pregnant Again, but She's Open to Adoption Down the Road


Apr. 16 2020, Updated 11:49 a.m. ET

All of the moms in the Teen Mom franchise earned their roles simply by becoming moms at a young age. Along the way, some of the moms have had other kids and grown their families. Now, thanks to a shared article and photo on social media, it looks like Maci from Teen Mom is pregnant, making her yet another mom from the series who decided to have more kids once she was no longer a kid herself.

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In a recent tweet, Maci posted a photo of herself and her husband, Taylor McKinney, with a sonogram technician who seemed to be scanning Maci's stomach for a new pregnancy. But these days, a lot of moms in the Teen Mom franchise are known for posting similarly misleading articles to draw in fans. Still, fans were immediately concerned that Maci's family is about to grow by one.

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Source: MTV
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But is Maci from Teen Mom pregnant?

The link and photo Maci originally tweeted out actually rerouted to a Champion Daily article about how Maci isn't pregnant right now. In fact, the article pointed out that although she allowed the tweet to be shared from her own personal account, Maci has never responded to pregnancy rumors on social media for the sheer reason that she is often inundated with comments asking if she has a baby on the way.  

Teen Mom stars are known for their click-bait article shares on social media.

Maci certainly isn't the first Teen Mom star to share an article in an attempt to bring clicks to a news website. Catelynn Baltierra from Teen Mom OG has also been known to share articles with misleading headlines and former Teen Mom star Janelle Eason once revealed on a reunion special that companies pay her to share articles and post on her behalf rather than sharing rumor-filled articles herself. 

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She already has philanthropy work and a small business to keep her busy.

If Maci was pregnant, it would mean her family is about to get just a tad bigger, but despite having a sprawling new home to fit plenty more kids, Maci is not, in fact, pregnant. She and Taylor already have two small children and Maci is also the mom to 11-year-old Bentley, her son who viewers first met when he was born on 16 and Pregnant and then watched grow up on Teen Mom.

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Maci and Taylor also share a clothing company which keeps them plenty busy. And when she isn't working on that, Maci has been known to speak as an ambassador for Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). So adding another kid, or to be more exact, a demanding pregnancy, to the mix just isn't in the cards for them right now. And they both seem totally fine with that for now.

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Maci doesn't want to be pregnant again.

Maci isn't pregnant, but the Teen Mom star is open to expanding her family by way of adoption. In 2017, she told E! News that she did not want to be pregnant again. And in May 2019, she told Us Weekly that she and Taylor have researched adoption as a way to have more children.

"Taylor and I both always wanted to adopt. Now it's just a matter of timing, and really accepting the process," she told the news outlet. "Because we don't want to adopt a baby. And not that we only want one, but we are open to siblings also." 

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She explained that it was something she and Taylor were still discussing as an option when their younger kids get a little older. But as far as being pregnant, Maci's social media followers should probably make it a rule to never believe the rumors.

Teen Mom OG returns to MTV in 2020.

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