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Source: MTV

Madisson From 'Siesta Key' Is Dating a Former Producer and Things Could Get Messy


On a show like Siesta Key, the cast members are expected to play musical partners. When one of them is done with a significant other, it isn't out of the ordinary for someone else to consider picking up the pieces. But for Madisson on Siesta Key and her own dating life, things are about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Instead of going after one of the eligible (if sometimes immature and downright annoying) guys in her inner circle, Season 3 will show her with a new older man in her life and one who was rumored before the start of the season to be a producer. Although she already knew the guy well before she started dating him, it’s definitely going to ruffle the feathers of some of her co-stars. Needless to say, the drama is very real this season on Siesta Key.