Insider Reveals 'Roblox' Is Taking Its Age Verification Process "Seriously" (EXCLUSIVE)

Sara Belcher - Author

Aug. 29 2023, Published 6:45 p.m. ET

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Source: Roblox Corporation

A massively popular game known as Roblox attracts players of all ages. The online platform is the host of plenty of games and experiences, from horror games like Doors and Rainbow Friends to an Among Us knockoff — but with the sheer amount of content available, is it a safe platform for its younger players?

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Roblox has implemented plenty of safety measures for its younger players, like having a required age verification before using features like voice chat, but some parents are still hesitant to give their young gamers access to the platform.

Distractify spoke with a representative from the company that works with Roblox on their age verification process to give us some insight into the platform's safety measures to help parents make more informed decisions for their children.

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Whether or not 'Roblox' is safe for kids is up to the parents.

To be clear, whether or not Roblox is actually safe for kids is entirely up to the parent's discretion, but the representative reassured us that the work their company has done with the online gaming platform makes them hopeful as its been receptive and intentional in implementing safety measures.

"I think it's a lot more about if [companies] are taking an effort seriously and making progress," the representative said. "And in that respect, I would say [Roblox is] 100 percent and, in many ways, much more so than many of the platforms out there."

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Roblox will sometimes ask a child's parent or guardian to provide a photo ID to confirm that they're who they say they are in an attempt to ensure children are using the site safely.

"I think what has become problematic though, as of the last decade, has really just been that more kids are on the internet than ever before," the representative claimed. "And I think the last 20 years of how we've dealt with age-gated content has been these, I would say rather pseudo disclaimers."

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Anyone who has played just about any online game knows that to bypass much of the age-restricted content on the internet, all one has to do is input a birthday that makes them older than the age required for access. There's little in place in many corners of the internet to verify whether or not the participant is as old as they say they are, though many platforms are trying to increase measures where possible.

Source: Roblox
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While there's still massive room for improvement across the board, the representative said that Roblox's efforts to help regulate who has access to the content on its site, even as it changes and evolves with its audience, makes them hopeful.

"One thing I think has been really kind of exciting [working with Roblox] has been how seriously they are actually taking this age verification problem, especially as they release more and more material [targeting adults]," the insider said. "They're taking that really seriously and a big part of it that I think they've been really thoughtful about is on the intersection between like data privacy and consent."

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The representative elaborated that Roblox has tried to ensure that not only does it better its verification methods, but it's also been considering users' data privacy simultaneously — especially those of the children who might not be old enough to understand what they're consenting to when they click a check box on a website.

Whether or not you want your child to access Roblox is entirely up to you, but the insider says sites that ask parents to verify their identity when granting access to their children is actually a good thing — so long as you check the privacy notice to ensure your data is being stored safely.

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