'Holidate' Easter Egg or Ryan Gosling Lookalike? Audiences Debate

'Holidate' viewers are torn about whether or not 'The Notebook' star Ryan Gosling made a cameo. Keep reading for details about the Ryan Gosling scene.


Nov. 2 2020, Updated 1:24 p.m. ET

screencap from Holidate
Source: Steve Dietl/NETFLIX

Following the release of Netflix's Christmas romantic comedy, Holidate, viewers are convinced they've spotted Ryan Gosling in the background of a scene.

Toward the end of the movie, Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) are arguing about Ryan Gosling in the frozen food aisle of a supermarket, when someone who looks exactly like the La La Land star walks into the frame.

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So, is Ryan Gosling actually in Holidate? Keep reading while we investigate and break down the scene that potentially features our beloved hunky Oscar nominee. 

is ryan gosling in holidate
Source: Steve Dietl/NETFLIX
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What is 'Holidate' about?

Before we get into the Ryan Gosling scene, you might be wondering what all the buzz around Holidate is about. Released way before the holidays in late October, Holidate follows singles Sloane and Jackson as they agree to be each other's plus ones at every upcoming holiday for the next year because they hate all the family meddling and clingy dates that result from going into the season as singles.

Thus, the "holidate" setup they agree to participate in over the next year, where Sloane and Jackson find themselves dating only for the holiday season, in essence to stop everyone else from asking too many questions about their romantic lives.

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is ryan gosling in holidate
Source: Steve Dietl/NETFLIX

Is Ryan Gosling in 'Holidate'?

Toward the end of the movie, audiences are convinced that Ryan Gosling shows up in the background. As Sloane and Jackson are literally discussing the movie star, Jackson cuttingly insults his so-called holidate: "I bet you money that if Ryan Gosling waltzed down this frozen food aisle and offered to take you on the ride of your life, you would still say no — cause you'd be too afraid to get on that train, the Ryan Gosling train."

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As Sloane is delivering her comeback, saying that "Ryan Gosling would never do his own shopping" because "he's way too cool for that," someone who looks exactly like the Blade Runner 2049 star shows up in the background.

As a result, the entirety of the internet lost their minds and scrambled to figure out whether there was a legitimate Ryan Gosling Easter egg in Holidate, or whether the cameo was by someone who just happened to be an uncanny lookalike.

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Since we only get a brief, blurry look at whoever the Ryan twin is, and no one is listed in the end credits, it's hard to say whether or not it was the actual Notebook star himself.

Audiences are torn. "Anyone else notice that @RyanGosling made the tiniest cameo in #holidate ... behind Emma Roberts when she was saying he would never do his own shopping ... best movie Easter egg I've ever caught," wrote one fan.

Another skeptical fan added, "That's not Ryan Gosling in #Holidate — not his profile. Willing to bet money." A third, who is convinced, said "that was deffo Ryan Gosling making an exquisite understated cameo in the background & I will not be convinced otherwise HE DOES A LITTLE EYEBROW RAISE AND EVERYTHING."

Do you think that's Ryan Gosling in Holidate? Stream the holiday rom-com on Netflix today.

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