Hulk and She-Hulk Are Ridiculously Strong, but They Both Have Advantages Over the Other

With Disney Plus debuting the She-Hulk series fans want to know if she is as strong as the Marvel her she's derived from?

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May 21 2022, Published 1:23 p.m. ET

Is She Hulk Stronger Than Hulk
Source: Disney+

There are two things that are inevitable: death, and that Disney will dig through the depths of Marvel's back catalog to turn any intellectual property into a TV series or film.

And even though there probably weren't many folks familiar with Ant-Man or the Guardians of the Galaxy prior to theatrical releases starring these characters, She-Hulk was definitely more well known. Mainly due to her association with the Avengers morphing monster. Now, she's the subject of a Disney plus series and folks want to know: is she as strong as Hulk?

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Is She-Hulk as strong as Hulk?

If we're going by Marvel comics canon, the answer boils down to: which "iteration" of the character are we talking about? Different writers feature different power levels for characters. Sometimes they're scaled down for specific narratives, while other times these characters are traveling to space and are basically miniature Gods capable of some quantum physical ridiculousness manipulation.

In terms of "pure strength" there have been some instances referenced in the comics, even by She-Hulk herself (her character's name is Jennifer Walters) that Bruce Banner's Hulk form is more powerful than hers. That's mainly because Hulk's specific power set is fueled by his anger and rage. Something that Bruce manages to leverage, control, and then harness to ridiculous ends.

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Is She Hulk Stronger Than Hulk
Source: Disney+

Hulk attained a "World Breaker" form that Walters acknowledged as more powerful than her own in World War Hulk, he also carried entire sections of the planet on his back in Secret Wars, which is, you know, a lot of weight.

There are some who would also argue that Jennifer's power levels will always be at least slightly less than Hulk's due to the "derivative" nature of how she received them.

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In the comics she receives a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner which is what gives her the ability to "Hulk Out," some say that the derivative nature of her Hulk-ness by definition means that Hulk is the OG and will therefore be more powerful.

However, there are plenty of instances where She Hulk's own power levels seem to be at least on par, or arguably more powerful than Hulk's.

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That's because She Hulk is powerful in her human form as well as her monster alter ego: she's a trained martial artist and exercised regularly prior to undergoing the blood transfusion that changed her life forever. Practically speaking if you take someone who's technically stronger than someone who is a trained fighter and put them in a scrap, the trained fighter will probably win every single time. Just look at this old school no-holds-barred clip of Pedro Sauer going up against Lance Bachelor.

And then there's the fact that She-Hulk was able to best a replicant of Thanos who was, in theory, as strong as the Mad Titan, which she destroyed with ease. Scarlet Witch once also sent She-Hulk into a "rampage" mode where she went absolutely berserk and tore Vision in two and almost killed Captain America.

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But when you start getting to the instances of power-overloading ridiculousness that often occurs in the Marvel universe, while She Hulk did get a power boost from a Celestial, Hulk stopped Exitar the Exterminator (a Celestial being) from destroying Earth. He also punched the fabric of time (...yeah) and was able to use his Hulk clap to break the fabric of reality.

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So the power levels between the two heroes are definitely situational. She-Hulk is a better trained martial artist which makes her Hulk strength that much more deadly, and Hulk's been capable of some mind-boggling feats of strength.

Long story short: they're both ridiculously strong but it's accepted in terms of brute strength that Hulk has an edge.

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When does She-Hulk come out?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will debut on Disney+ on August 17, 2022 and will follow Jennifer Walters' discovery of her powers. In it, she learns more about her powers from her cousin while reconciling her celebrity status as She-Hulk as she handles courtroom battles as well as threats from superhuman villains.

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