Some '1000-Lb Sisters' Fans Think Tammy Slaton May Be a Ward of the State

Chris Combs and Tammy Slaton's other siblings discuss Tammy becoming a ward of the state in Season 3 of '1000-Lb Sisters,' so is she now?

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jan. 24 2022, Published 3:52 p.m. ET

Tammy Slaton
Source: TLC

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters.

You can't deny that Tammy Slaton has been through a lot on 1000-Lb Sisters. She weighs more than 600 pounds, and her health continues to decline both on and off the show. And in Season 3, Tammy's siblings discuss more than once how to take care of her moving forward.

Her sister, Amy Slaton, no longer live next door to Tammy, which means she won't be able to care for her as much.

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Now, fans want to know if Tammy is a ward of the state.

During a Season 3 family trip, Chris Combs, Amy and Tammy's older brother, says the next step toward Tammy's care involves making her a ward of the state. This would essentially take the burden off not only Amy and Chris, but the rest of their siblings as well. But it would also mean a serious betrayal in Tammy's eyes.

Tammy and Amy Slaton
Source: TLC
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Is Tammy Slaton a ward of the state?

When Chris chants "ward of the state" in response to his siblings about what they should do with Tammy, it's clear that it's something they've discussed before.

Then, in the Jan. 24, 2022 episode, Chris, Amy, and their sister Amanda Halterman discuss how to help Tammy now. She has been partying more than usual, and the little effort she put into her health before is currently at an all-time low.

At one point, Chris calls Tammy to ask if she wants to see the doctor with him for a check-up. She declines, and during his appointment with Dr. Smith, Chris explains that Tammy seems intent on enjoying her life, regardless of whether or not her partying is actually shortening her life expectancy. Dr. Smith comes up with a plan to make a house call since she refuses to come to him.

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"I asked Chris how Tammy was doing; I obviously haven't seen her in a little while, and I'm concerned about her," Dr. Smith says in the episode. "You know, the look on his face told me everything. Obviously Tammy shares a lot of things on social media. These aren't things she's making any effort to keep private. And so I'm made aware of Tammy drinking a lot [and] smoking. But at the weight that Tammy weighs right now, it's severely dangerous."

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Right now, outside of 1000-Lb Sisters, all of Tammy's social media posts show her at a care facility. While it's unclear why Tammy is staying at a hospital receiving short-term care outside of her house, some fans wonder if she is a ward of the state. No one in Tammy's family has confirmed that's what happened, however.

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In order for an adult to become a ward of the state, they have to be proven by a court to be unable to care for themselves. They are then assessed physically and mentally. While Tammy appears to meet the criteria of becoming a ward of the state through an application process made by her family, she hasn't confirmed anything with her fans.

Tammy Slaton's siblings struggle over sharing responsibility for her on '1000-Lb Sisters.'

1000-Lb Sisters fans have seen Amy take care of Tammy more often than not. But now that Tammy is married with a baby and another one on the way, she's pulled in too many directions. She takes a step back from caring for Tammy full-time in Season 3, and now that she has bought a house, Amy and her siblings have to make a decision about what to do with Tammy.

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Tammy Slaton and her family
Source: Instagram

Although Chris mentions trying to make Tammy a ward of the state and get her care that way, they don't come to that decision on the show. Instead, they continue to plead with Tammy to take control of her life and care more about her health.

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