Jake Paul Confronting Cyber Bully Cody Ko Completely Backfired on Him

Jake Paul and Cody Ko are taking over the headlines in the wake of their beef. But what exactly went down between the YouTubers? Find out.


Feb. 8 2021, Updated 10:49 p.m. ET

Is it just us or does YouTube really seem to be delivering more drama than Hollywood these days? To interrupt the James Charles and Tati Westbrook feud, everyone's least favorite YouTuber, Jake Paul has also been making headlines for his beef with Cody Ko.

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But what is going on with them and who even is Cody Ko (real name: Cody Kolodziejzyk)? Let's unpack all of this beef as briefly and intelligibly as possible...

What's the Jake Paul and Cody Ko beef?

Oh dear... It seems Jake Paul has really managed to outdo himself once again.

jake paul cody ko beef
Source: Jake Paul / YouTube
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The controversial YouTube star (formerly of Vine, and later of Disney Channel fame) is now probably best known as the brother of Logan Paul, a swell individual who broadcasted his walk through Japan's suicide forest earlier this year and was met with harsh criticism from people who thought he was making a mockery of mental health awareness.

But it seems his latest attempt to step into the public spotlight has been met with a few raised eyebrows, to say the least. This weekend, he posted a video titled "confronting internet bully cody ko..." on his channel, which has already surpassed 1.5M views.

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jake paul cody ko beef
Source: Jake Paul / YouTube

Jake wants to "f--k [Cody Ko's] life up... just kidding, kind of, not really."

"There's a douchebag named Cody Ko and we're about to f--k his life up," begins Jake. "I'm about to confront one of my biggest haters, 28-year-old wannabe comedian Cody Ko," he continues by way of introduction. Why?

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Because "he s--ts on people to become famous. That's it." It appears that Jake is pushing his own scandals to the side to target Cody for being "just a ball of hatred." 

"I don't want to be like YouTube's hero right now but I do want to see how well he will react when he's confronted in person," he continues.

jake paul cody ko beef
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The "confrontation" left people scratching their heads.

Although Jake claims he doesn't "like making these videos," he decided to take it upon himself to confront Cody, because he himself had been the target of many of Cody's "diss" videos. 

Jake decides to go on his friend Jeff Wittek's YouTube interview with Cody and confront him there. Mainly because he considers Cody's "cyber bullying" the kind of content that's "causing the youth to be negative and ave a lot of animosity in their souls."

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But once they're on Jeff's set, a totally confused Cody doesn't understand why Jake is there. "You cyber bully kids, bro," Jake says to Cody upon entering. "Kids?! Which kids," a visibly flustered Cody responds. "I don't like cyber bullies and you're a cyber bully," Jake repeats, pointing his index finger at Cody.

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It looks kind of like a kindergarten playground when the teacher forces two students who aren't getting along to apologize to each other. "I'm sorry for bullying you," Cody offers. The two then banter for a bit, and Jake leaves saying that Cody is hilarious, that's not up for argument. What?!

Fans are confused, to say the least, at this Jake and Cody beef.

"I have to pause every couple minutes through the Jake Paul video to just compose myself cause it sounds like your drunk conservative uncle going on a rant at Thanksgiving," tweeted one person, who put all of our thoughts into words. 

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"But [for real] Jake Paul has been proven in the past to be physically and mentally abusive to the other members of Team Ten and has not even attempted to change himself. He has also been caught hosting a party where (mostly) minors were drugged," added another. 

cody ko jake paul
Source: Instagram
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Over on the YouTube video itself, Jake has garnered almost 35,000 comments, most of them echoing this very sentiment. 

"OK no you've humiliated yourself once again. Can u delete this please thank you," wrote another YouTuber.

"Dude this video did nothing but embarrass you and make me sub to Cody thanks for putting me on his content," added another. Watch the whole video here.

What do you think of the Jake and Cody drama?

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