Health Provider Jen Hamilton and OBGYN Nathan Riley Drama Explained

Jen Hamilton is a provider and licensed RN, while Nathan Riley is a successful OBGYN. Why do these medical professionals have drama? Details ahead.

Emma Saletta - Author

Sep. 9 2023, Published 2:44 p.m. ET

Creator and licensed RN Jen Hamilton has shared her opinion on TikTok about controversial videos made by Nathan Riley, which show him expressing what she calls, "misogynistic and fat-phobic behavior." Jen originally gave her take on the way he acted in a private message, that later went public via Nathan's now-deleted TikTok.

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"I tried to handle it privately to him and said, 'I'm speechless I can't believe somebody who cares for women would have the audacity to say what you just said,'" she explains in a TikTok video posted on August 9, 2023.

So, what was Nathan saying that got Jen riled up? Where do they stand now? We have all the details below on their TikTok feud, and what they said about one another throughout the entire fight.

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Health provider Jen Hamilton explained the situation and intense drama between her and Nathan.

The video she posted on her TikTok handle @_jen_haimlton_ shows Nathan's messages that were meant to be private between the two social media creators, and based on behavior that did not sit well with Jen.

Jen shows a comment that the OBGYN had for a female colleague who just had a baby: “While you’re busy snarfing carbs in the call room, I read stuff…”

Stating her attempt to handle it via private message, Jen then confirms that Nathan made the message public through a video. In his video, he alleged her DMs were “in response to his thoughts on informed consent, better maternal health, and out of hospital birth." Wrong.

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Jen asks him to, "take accountability, to acknowledge what he said, and to apologize to the female colleague."

Nathan later blocked her on TikTok, and turned off all comments on his videos. As of this publication, he is no longer on TikTok. However, he continues to post videos on his Instagram handle @nathanrileyobgyn.

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"I've had people come out of the woodwork to show me other things that this man has said," Jen also shares. "He has built a platform of women who mistrust the healthcare system — and instead look to him for holistic OBGYN advice."

After all of this, where do the providers stand now?

So, where do provider Jen Hamilton and OBGYN Nathan Riley stand now?

Jen and Nathan's TikTok feud has cooled down, and the pair are continuing to make videos for social media platforms. Jen currently has 3.2 million followers on TikTok and 165,000 followers on Instagram, while Nathan has 22,400 Instagram followers.

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Jen was previously interviewed by Katie Couric media, and promoted her non-profit organization Hot Mess Express, which is a group of moms and caregivers who come together to rescue moms in need by doing the housework that can seem impossible.

Nathan meanwhile is currently hard at work promoting the Born Free Method, which is said to be the "ultimate guide to a sovereign birth." Those who enroll in the program receive weekly calls for 12 months, one-on-one support, birth planning, and much more.

As for their feud, well, we'll be watching to see what, if anything, happens next.

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