Fans Feel the Sparks Between ‘Floribama Shore’s' Jeremiah Buoni and Guest Star

Devan McGuinness - Author

Nov. 4 2021, Published 7:31 p.m. ET

Every season, we brace ourselves for all the drama. And the MTV reality TV show Floribama Shore never disappoints. The successor to Jersey Shore, this follows a group of young adults who party away their summer.

And that’s where we met Jeremiah Buoni, the guy with the “tough exterior” who “is a big softy at his core.” He’s been a cast member since the premiere of the show, but fans want to know: Does he have a girlfriend?

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Does Jeremiah Buoni have a girlfriend?

Romantic relationships have always been one of the storylines in the Florida-based (well, currently Georgia-based) series since it first aired in 2017. And in the time since, we have been able to meet some significant others from several cast members.

Jeremiah on Floribama Shore
Source: MTV
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Aimee Hall’s boyfriend visited the summer home where she was filming. We’ve met some girlfriends of Gus Smyrnios, Kirk Medas has spoken about his girlfriend throughout the show, and Kortni Gilson had talked about her boyfriend a few times while she was still a cast member.

And there were even some sparks between cast members, too. Gus and Nilsa Prowant had a thing for a while. There may or may not be something between Candace Rice and Codi Butts. But what about Jeremiah?

As far as can be told on social media, Jeremiah isn’t in a relationship and doesn’t have a girlfriend. Or if he does, he’s keeping it secret and private for now. In the earlier seasons of the show, it looked like something might happen between him and Nilsa or Jeremiah and Kortni, but those eventually turned into a friend-zone thing.

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Jeremiah did have one of his relationships featured on the show though. In Season 3, Jeremiah entered into a romantic situation with temporary cast member, Mattie Lynn Breaux.

Mattie was a friend of Gus who met up with him when the show was in St. Petersburg, which is where she met Jeremiah. She and Jeremiah quickly hit it off. There was a whole lot of tension between the two when they started to escalate their feelings to each other.

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They seemed like they really hit it off, but at the same time, cracks were starting to form in the bro-relationship between Jeremiah and Gus. And the timing of his situation with Mattie might have just been off because they didn’t seem to stay together for too long.

Source: Instagram
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When Season 4 came around, Jeremiah appeared to be single once again. There’s been a lot of drama between all the castmates during the latest season, Jeremiah has been working hard to repair some of those friendships after the first half of Season 4.

While Jeremiah seems to be single, fans of the show are rooting for him to spark a relationship with one of the guests of the house: Bethaney, a friend of Candace.

Source: Twitter
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Coming back for Season 4 Part 2, Bethaney has been back at the house and has been a very welcome relief to the cast members. She brings a playful energy to the house, but she also has a way with words to help save some broken relationships.

Twitter loves her so much they want her to become a forever cast member. And fans want her to link up with Jeremiah. "Jeremiah and Bethaney look like they got a house and two kids hugged up on that couch," one fan noticed. "Jeremiah know he love him some Bethaney," another remarked.

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Jeremiah and Bethaney on Floribama Shore
Source: MTV

If those two don’t end up together, it’s clear on Twitter that Jeremiah is boyfriend material, and he likely won’t have too much trouble finding a girlfriend whenever he's ready.

Watch Floribama Shore on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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