A Former 'Karate Kid' Star Made a Surprise Appearance in 'Cobra Kai' Season 5

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Sep. 12 2022, Published 10:55 p.m. ET

(L to R) Courtney Henggeler As Amanda LaRusso, Robyn Lively as Jessica
Source: Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

A friendly face from the original Karate Kid franchise made a surprise appearance in Cobra Kai Season 5. Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively) first appeared in Karate Kid III.

Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) met Jessica in the third Karate Kid film when she was working at a pottery store in Los Angeles. The pair became fast friends — Jessica always had Daniel's back.

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So why did Jessica return in Cobra Kai Season 5? Is she still friends with Daniel years after the events of Karate Kid III? Let's break it all down!

Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively) in 'Karate Kid III'
Source: Columbia Pictures/Youtube/@peachystevie

Yes, Daniel was definitely crushing on Jessica.

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Why does Jessica appear in 'Cobra Kai' Season 5?

It turns out Jessica is still quite the supportive bestie after all these years. At the end of Karate Kid III, Jessica moved back from Los Angeles to Ohio to reunite with a former boyfriend. However, she never quite lost touch with Daniel, and even ended up introducing him to his future wife — Jessica's cousin, Amanda Steiner (now Amanda LaRusso in Cobra Kai).

Jessica appears in Cobra Kai Season 5, Episode 5 to visit Amanda, complete with her famous mac and cheese that she knows Daniel loves.

However, she seems genuinely perplexed when Amanda explains that Daniel isn't there with her and the kids (someone needs to catch Jessica up on the dramatic events of Cobra Kai Season 5, Episode 4).

Can Jessica talk some sense into her cousin so the LaRusso family doesn't fall apart at the seams?

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Jessica doesn't exactly buy into Amanda's excuse as to why Daniel isn't with her and the kids. She gives Amanda some desperately needed context to Daniel's ongoing rivalry with Terry Silver (Jessica basically gives Amanda a Cliff Notes version of Karate Kid III).

Although Jessica is shocked that Terry is still tormenting Daniel, she has confidence that her old friend can get past it. Amanda isn't so sure. The cousins end up bonding by getting into a bar fight with their old foe Elizabeth.

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Afterward, Jessica convinces her cousin to not be so hard on Daniel for his feud with Terry. Meanwhile, speak of the devil! Daniel just happens to run into Terry (Thomas Ian Griffith) who eagerly taunts him about ruining things with Amanda with ease.

Naturally, this enrages Daniel. He takes Terry's bait and they have a knockout fight. Daniel ends up in bed with a bad black eye. However, in a way he won because Amanda returned to his side.

Sadly, Robyn only appears as Jessica in Cobra Kai Season 5, Episode 5. However, she was the woman behind for the formation of the LaRusso brood in the first place, and thanks to her, the LaRussos didn't completely fall apart at the seams. We'd say that was a pretty pivotal cameo appearance!

Also, fun fact. Robyn has a sister you may have heard of — Blake Lively! How's that for a knockout punch of trivia? (We'll see ourselves out.)

You can stream Cobra Kai Season 5 now on Netflix.

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