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'All Rise' Fans, We've Got News: Jessica Camacho Might Be Single



In the CBS show All Rise, Jessica Camacho plays Emily Lopez, a public defender who is deeply passionate about social justice and improving the court system. In Seasons 1 and 2 of the show, the character undergoes some rapid transformations, thanks to changes taking place both in her personal and professional life. But what about the actress playing Emily? What's Jessica's relationship status. Is she currently dating anyone? 

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So, is Jessica Camacho dating someone, or is she single?

Before landing Emily's role in All Rise, Jessica appeared in popular TV shows like Taken, The Flash, and Last Resort. 

Although the actress achieved phenomenal success since landing one of her first roles in a TV series in 2007, she has maintained a low profile thus far. 

A notoriously private person, the celeb has refrained from sharing much information about her romantic life or dating history. It's uncertain if she is seeing anybody right now. 

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To make matters even more complicated, it appears that Jessica doesn't have an Instagram profile.

Fans eager to conduct an in-depth investigation are bound to face some grave difficulties — as the actress tends to focus on discussing her latest career highlights in interviews with the media. 

There are a few exceptions of course. Take a previous interview with Downtown NYC, in which she revealed that she was particularly excited to play Emily's character because it was her ambition to become a lawyer for a while. 

As she told the outlet, she had some doubts about whether she was cut out for pursuing a career as a lawyer. Once she discovered acting, she found her place, and she never looked back. 

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"Before I became an actor, before I even knew that acting would be a part of my life, I thought about going into law. It’s something that always interested me. It fascinated me: fighting on the right side of things, fighting for something bigger than yourself. I was always moved by that," Jessica told Downtown NYC.  

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"The problem was that I could never decide if I wanted to be a prosecutor or a defense attorney. I was not very good at making decisions, so I'm like, I might not be the best lawyer. I see the gray a lot of times. I'm not a person that is more apt to see things in black and white. So it was just like, 'I don't know if this is the right pursuit for me.' And then pretty soon after that, I discovered acting," she added. 

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She also told the outlet that Emily's difficulties with relationships resonated with her as well. 

"I think the thing that’s closest to me in my personal life is Emily's struggle with relationships," she said.  

Jessica was previously in a relationship with Colombian actor Carlos Valdes, who also starred in The Flash, according to Big Gossip. But the actress appears to have been single since 2019.

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She hasn't been spotted alongside a special someone in recent months. It's uncertain whether she is single or if she is in a relationship right now. There is the possibility that she could just be keeping her relationship quite private.

Catch new episodes of All Rise every Monday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. 

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