Season 6 'Love Is Blind' Contestant Jessica Vestal Became a Mom at 17 — Details on Her Home Life

Born to parents struggling with addiction, Jessica Vestal spent years in foster care. In turn, it has made her a great mom to daughter Autumn.

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Feb. 14 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers for those not caught up on Season 6 of Love Is Blind.

During Love Is Blind Season 6, we met a cast of 30 hopeful singles searching for their future spouse. Jessica Vestal was one contestant we saw a lot of in the pods, although she didn't end up walking out engaged.

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Jessica stood out from other contestants when she revealed that she was a mother to her daughter named Autumn. Being a mom is such an important part of her life and going into this experiment, Jessica knew she wasn't just looking for a man for herself, but a man who would also serve as Autumn's stepdad. Jessica thought she found that man in Jimmy Presnell after they initially developed a strong connection in the pods, but he ended up proposing to Chelsea Blackwell.

That said, what is Jessica up to now?

Jessica Vestal
Source: Netflix
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What has Jessica Vestal been up to since leaving the pods?

Jessica, who can be found on Instagram @jess.ves, appears to still be single. Per her Instagram, we see she's been promoting the show through TikToks and Reels, as well as spending time with her day one, Autumn.

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Jessica got pregnant with her daughter during her senior year of high school.

During Love Is Blind Season 6, Jessica referred to her daughter Autumn as "the most important part of her life" and her "greatest accomplishment." At the time of filming, Autumn was 10 years old, but may not be older.

Jessica explained that she met Autumn's dad when she was in elementary school and they grew up together. They were very close friends that seemingly dated for some time. During Jessica's senior year of high school, she got pregnant with Autumn. But about a year after Autumn was born, she and Autumn's father broke up.

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They currently co-parent Autumn together and have an amicable relationship. "He's a great father," Jessica noted, adding that she was "very fortunate" for that.

Jessica often shares sweet photos with Autumn on her Instagram page. She says Autumn is like the "really cool beautiful girl, who is also really funny, but unaware of how special and exceptional she is."

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Jessica had a rough upbringing and credits her foster mom for helping her keep Autumn.

Jessica explained during Love Is Blind Season 6 that her biological parents both struggled with severe drug addiction. And shortly after Jessica was born, her dad went to prison. She continued living with her mom, but when she was four years old, she was taken out of her custody and put into foster care, seemingly because her mom relapsed.

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After a few years in foster care, her dad got out of prison so she lived with him for a year and a half. But tragically, he ended up taking his own life, leading Jessica to go back into foster care. "That's when I met what I call 'my God-Given family," Jessica explained. This family ended up adopting her when she was 16.

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Jessica referred to her foster mom as a "literal angel" who "saved her life" because if she hadn't been adopted and continued to get pregnant the following year, then Jessica's daughter would have become the property of the state of North Carolina.

Does Jessica ever end up reconnecting with Jimmy later on?

As a single working mother, Jessica took this experiment very seriously and hoped Johnny would propose to her, despite knowing that he was simultaneously talking to Chelsea. In the end, he chose Chelsea and when he broke the news to Jessica, things got ugly between them. Jessica told him that Jimmy ruined this opportunity for her and claimed that he had always known she was too much for him to handle, but kept stringing her along.

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And in terms of iconic lines, Jessica said the following to Jimmy during their last meeting. "When you see and realize what you missed out on, you are going to choke. You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief of what you missed out on."

jessica vestal and Jimmy Presnell
Source: Netflix

After things ended disastrously in the pods, Jessica is seen meeting up with Jimmy later in the season.

While it appears that Jessica was beyond done with Jimmy after that she is seen in the previews for future episodes shown at the end of Episode 6 and it seems that she and Jimmy do later meet in person. Not only that, but Chelsea is seen asking Jimmy if he slept with another woman. It's unclear if that other woman is Jessica, but there's a chance.

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