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Source: TLC

Joyce on 'My 600-lb Life' Says Dr. Now's Program "Is Failing Me"


*Warning: Spoilers for Joyce's story on My 600-lb Life*

We're thankful for the way that TLC is spacing out their episodes of My 600-lb Life this season. Following the Season 8 premiere that featured brothers John and Lonnie, the Dr. Now reality series has been featuring a woman one week and a man the next, which is honestly one of the only things making this season palatable.

That's because the women are doing so poorly at losing weight this season that we can't even blame viewers who are tempted to leave the episode midway and turn off the TV. Anyway, all this is to say that we're glad the men are making strides and progress with their weight-loss goals, we just wish the ladies were keeping up with the program as well.