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Source: Discovery

'Gold Rush' Fans Are Convinced That Rick Ness and Karla Ann Are in a Relationship


Being on a reality TV series is a double-edged sword for most folks. On the one hand, if you're on a successful TV show, the benefits of being in a high-stakes production environment and doing what you love (like me on Ghost Hunters) is a rewarding experience. On the other hand, if you're not prepared for randos prying into your personal life, it can be a little disheartening. And this is something that Karla Ann and Rick Ness from Gold Rush are currently experiencing in regards to their relationship.

Are Rick Ness and Karla Ann in a relationship?

On the show, Rick is Karla's mining boss and while the two definitely share a friendly working relationship on camera, fans of the Discovery Channel series have noticed that they seem very, very close off-camera. The two have shared lots of photos together where they're having a ton of fun and generally having an amazing time.