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Source: facebook

Rick Ness Hopes This New Mining Location on 'Gold Rush' Will Get Him "Monster Nuggets"


Gold Rush is kind of a no-brainer when it comes to reality TV. People are obsessed with getting rich quick, and when it comes to precious metals, there are fewer "rare" materials that get humanity going more than gold. We've been obsessed with it as a species for thousands and thousands of years. Combine our affinity for the "ooh shiny" soft metal with a colorful cast of characters, like Rick Ness, who are always on the lookout for the perfect mining spot each year, and you've got yourself some reality TV "gold" (heh heh).

Where will Rick Ness be mining this year on Gold Rush?

The cut-off T-shirt, Miller-High-Life pounding miner is taking his chances on Keno City, which is known for "legendary monster nuggets." The show's Executive Producer, James Bates, spoke briefly about Rick's newest mining site: "It's one of these Wild West abandoned gold mining towns with a population of about six people." 

But would why Rick pick an abandoned mining town?