Did 'Bling Empire' Stars Kelly and Kevin Ever Get Together?

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Jan. 21 2021, Updated 1:07 p.m. ET

Kevin Kreider and Kelly Mi Li
Source: Netflix

Those who are missing the luxury, the fashion moments, and the drama featured on Selling Sunset have likely filled the void by tuning in to Netflix's latest reality series, Bling Empire

The series follows a group of uber-wealthy Asian and Asian-American friends as they navigate life in Los Angeles while wearing expensive jewelry and discussing the ins and outs of social etiquette. 

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While Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, and Jaime Xie haven't held back from showcasing the fruits of their wealth, Kevin Kreider and Kelly Mi Li have been slightly more modest about their fortunes. 

The two had undeniable chemistry, but it was often thwarted by Kelly's tumultuous relationship with former Red Power Ranger, Andrew Gray.

Kevin even admitted that he would pursue Kelly if she was ever single. Did Kevin and Kelly from Bling Empire get together?

Source: Netflix

Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray

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Are Kevin and Kelly from 'Bling Empire' together?

Throughout Season 1, Kelly's relationship with Andrew Gray caused friction between her and the rest of the group. Cast member Anna Shay made no bones about her disdain for the relationship, and she continuously told Kelly that she deserved better.

Meanwhile, Kevin also joked about how he would date Kelly if she was single. During one of Kelly and Andrew's breaks, she went on a date with the model. 

Though their connection was there, it was clear that Kelly wasn't ready to move on from Andrew quite yet. The season ended with Kelly going to Andrew's apartment, leaving fans in the dark about her relationship status. 

But where do things stand now?

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Season 1 of Bling Empire filmed in a pre-pandemic world, which explains the extravagant, crowded parties and why the cast was constantly traveling. The series reportedly commenced filming in the winter of 2019, and it concluded in the fall of that year.

In the time since Bling Empire filmed, it doesn't appear as if Kelly and Kevin became a romantic item.

Source: Netflix
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Kevin said he also felt a "physical attraction" to Kim Lee.

While Kelly and Kevin's romance may have fizzled out before it ever really got started, some Bling Empire viewers shipped him with a different castmate altogether: Kim Lee.

After all, Kane and Kevin worked to help find out what happened with Kim's biological father, Tony. The pair ultimately delivered her and her mom the news of his passing as well.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kevin admitted that there was a "spark" with Kim. 

"I really felt a spark at that party [Cherie Chan's 100 Day Celebration] with her, and I saw a gentle side there that I never saw before," Kevin explained. "And we talked a lot afterwards like, 'Was that real? Was it not?' I don't know. 'Hypothetically, say I made a move, would you have accepted?' 'Maybe,' she said, so that wasn't very promising. But yeah, we talked about it." 

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Kevin said that it was easy for him to tell Kim how he really felt, even if it wasn't positive. 

"It's weird. 'I like you, but I'm going to pick on you. I think you wear too much makeup, and you're just annoying to me sometimes, your narcissism, but I still like you,'" he said about their conversations on the show. "All that stuff."

But, despite not always seeing eye-to-eye with Kim, the attraction was there from the start. 

Source: Netflix
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"It's this weird dynamic that I think we're still trying to figure out ourselves even," he continued. "There's definitely a physical attraction, but there are some things that don't attract me about her, and we're really just, oddly, figuring that out because we do talk."

He immediately had feelings for Kelly, but that wasn't the case with Kim. 

"I hated her in the beginning. I hated her. I just couldn't stand her. I mean, I tolerated her because she was Kane's friend, and she's a DJ. Cool, I get it, it's fun. But nah, I couldn't stand her in the beginning," the model dished. "I just thought she was some rich Malibu wannabe gangster DJ, but she's not. She's a lot more than that."

Though many viewers are desperate to see more positive love stories on Bling Empire, Kevin's Instagram feed suggests that he's single at the moment. 

Season 1 of Bling Empire is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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