Is There a Speaker in the House? — These Kevin McCarthy Memes Will Get You All Fired Up

In an unprecedented move, Kevin McCarthy was removed as Speaker of the House. Thankfully, social media added some delightful memes about it.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Oct. 4 2023, Updated 11:03 a.m. ET

For the first in America's history, the House of Representatives is without a speaker. Kevin McCarthy was no one's first choice, and his nomination came with a hefty price. Of the many things he agreed to in order to secure support from his fellow Republicans, allowing them to remove him at any time is what led to his being voted out on Oct. 3, 2023.

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As of the time of this writing, the House has an interim speaker but it is essentially existing in chaos. Speaking of chaos, social media erupted in Kevin McCarthy jokes, and we couldn't help but snag a few of our faves. By the way, Kevin McCarthy is still a member of Congress. Imagine getting fired but having to show back up to work the next day. We could never.

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy
Source: Getty Images

This didn't age well

You should pack your things and go.

Source: Twitter/@ITYSL_memes

Apparently a lot of people thought Kevin McCarthy should leave.

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High five!

Source: Twitter/@GerrenPeterson

Kevin McCarthy definitely needs more than a hand.

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Select all images.

Source: Twitter/@AidanSimardone

Someone really captcha'd this historical moment. Anyway, can we actually prove Kevin McCarthy is not a robot?

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Urine or you're out.

Source: Twitter/@Sassenach369

In the style of Maury Povich, Kevin McCarthy is not the speaker!

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You can't sit with us.

Source: Twitter/@dpas2009

Kevin McCarthy forgot to wear pink!

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It's October 3rd.

Source: Twitter/@TheDemocrats

Honestly, there aren't enough Mean Girls memes regarding Kevin McCarthy getting voted out. We now have two reasons to celebrate October 3rd!

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Maybe try another door?

Source: Twitter/@MemesPayMyBills

He gets locked out but he gets up again, they're never gonna keep him down. That is, of course, unless one is literally voted out of a job.

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Feelin' the spirit.

Kevin McCarthy's speaker office turned into Spirit Halloween store
Source: Twitter/@stevenagarza

Nothing goes to waste

It's that special time of year when Spirit Halloween stores take over abandoned furniture stores, old gym, and of course the office of former Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. This year I'll be dressing up as his gavel!

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The boys are not back in town.

Source: Twitter/@joejaggi

This joke is for all my Gen X'ers who have fond memories of the 1988 cinematic classic Young Guns. I love wordplay almost as much as I love trying to wrap my mind around Emilio Estevez playing Billy the Kid. You must be Billy the Kidding me!

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Revenge is a dish best voted out.

Source: Twitter/@BeschlossDC

Congress made Kevin McCarthy an offer he couldn't refuse.

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