"This Guy Deserves an Oscar!" — Kid Hilariously Pretends His Fake Tattoos Actually Hurt

A mother recorded her young son's fear as an artist covered his body in fake tattoos. The video sparked plenty of parenting debates online.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Aug. 23 2023, Published 5:14 p.m. ET

The year is 2007, and Jordin Sparks has just released her hit single "Tattoo" after winning American Idol. The song quickly becomes a Myspace fave due to its beautifully performed lyrics, particularly the chorus, "You're on my heart just like a tattoo."

Despite Jordin’s analogy of the love of her life being a permanent part of her life, some people avoid tattoos for that very reason and opt for fake or temporary ones.

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Fake tattoos are also a popular choice for those unwilling to sit down and have a needle on their body for a significant amount of time. However, over the years, fake tattoos have typically been reserved for children who want to look fabulous for a few days.

One social media user posted a video on TikTok and Instagram of her son rocking multiple fake tattoos for summertime fun. The user likely didn’t know the act would cause concern for her parenting choices.

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A mom posted videos of her son getting fake tattoos at a legit shop.

Growing up, I was fascinated with drawing “tattoos” on myself with pens and markers. Eventually, I graduated from inking myself to convincing my mom to buy me those cute sticker tattoos. You know the ones. The cheap, typically rainbow-colored designs of unicorns, actual rainbows, and, my personal favorite, butterflies!

Alas, my fake tattoo phase ended around age 9 or 10. However, it may have lasted a little longer had I been exposed to having mine done at an actual tattoo parlor like one of the coolest kids around — Ashton Dwayne, who goes by @baby_ashton1 on Instagram.

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On Aug. 21, 2023, Ashton’s mom, Ashley, posted a video of her son on her TikTok account, @ashleynicole0802, and on Ashton’s page. At some point, unbeknownst to me, tattoo shops began applying fake tattoos on customers’ bodies. Ashley recorded Ashton sitting on a table at a local tattoo parlor in the video.

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The poor baby is in absolute distress as the tattoo artist begins applying Ashton’s tats, which Ashley shared she purchased from Amazon. He can’t even look at his mom during the process, as he has his hand over his eyes and breathing heavily while the artist covers his body with the tattoo.

Ashley couldn’t help but laugh at her son in the video and joked that she should’ve brought him some “numbing cream” during his big day. Lol!

“Mommy 4got the numbing cream😥😢😭😭😭,” Ashley wrote. “End of summer fun😂🤣😅💙.”

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Way too many people didn’t find Ashley’s video of Ashton getting fake tattoos funny.

Although I found the video hilariously adorable, Ashley received plenty of pushback from commenters who watched her son pretending his fake tattoos hurt.

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After her initial TikTok, the video went viral and sparked debates among those who felt Ashton was too young to be covered in tattoos, even though they could easily be washed off.

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Under one video of him shirtless and flaunting the tattoos as YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s song “B---- Let’s Do It” played in the background, online users slammed Ashley for showing her son in what they felt was a negative light.

“Yeah, his future ain't gonna be too bright 🤣” one user wrote.

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“The motive behind a FULL body of tattoos at this young age? And none of them look age-appropriate, fr…interesting,” someone else said.

Despite the unsolicited outrage from adults over half of Ashton’s age, many other commenters jumped to his and Ashley’s defense. Several users echoed my earlier statement of the video being an adorable mom-and-son outing and not representative of who Ashton was as a young child.

"This guy deserves an Oscar!" one commenter laughed.

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“It’s fake tattoos 🤦‍♀️,” one user reminded everyone.

“I don't see an issue,” another said. “Moms play in makeup with little girls, so what's wrong with temp tattoos? You let them get them at the fair, so this seems more legit and better quality.”

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