Woman Shames Mom Whose Kids Always Walk in on Her in the Bathroom — and It Instantly Backfires

Melissa Willets - Author

Oct. 12 2023, Published 1:37 p.m. ET

A 27-year-old TikTok creator who is not a parent, and who shares content using the handle @sarahthebookfairy, wants to know if a mom's sons' behavior is normal.

It seems Sarah saw a video of two "older teenager" boys walking in on their mom while she was using the bathroom.

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The mom then played it off, like it was no big deal. "For all the moms out there, just know that it never ends," she joked in a video, adding that privacy is basically a thing of the past once you have kids.

Sarah takes issue with this, and says she is "horrified."

Me? As a mom of five, I'm horrified that this person is judging another mom.

Here's why this woman says she can't understand this family's lack of bathroom boundaries.

As Sarah shared in her TikTok, the cringeworthy incident got worse when the teens said (as their mom was seated on the toilet), "Oh Mom, we have a question for you."

"And none of them had a problem with it," Sarah dutifully reports with her mouth open.

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Meanwhile, Sarah says she was "horrified" by the clip. She expected to see her feelings echoed in the comments of the mom's post, but alas, others empathized with the mom. They were probably parents.

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Indeed, someone shared that their 25-year-old daughter walks in on her in the bathroom. Other expressed this type of thing is normal in their families as well.

Sarah then launched into a series of questions, such as "Why aren't you locking the door?"

I have an answer for that one: Because you're a parent. Locked doors don't mean anything. Kids will just bang on the door until you answer them. It's easier to just grant them access.

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Sarah concluded that perhaps she's the weird one and grew up in a much more private household, because she would not have walked in on her parents in the bathroom.

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"Do you think that's normal, or are you as horrified as I am?" she ultimately asked her followers.

Spoiler alert: Plenty of people found this normal, but to be fair, Sarah was not alone in taking the opportunity to shame this mom and her kids.

The woman's take on the bathroom behavior not being "normal" exposes a divide between parents and non-parents.

Look, my kids are still young, so I'm not sure how I'll feel when they're older as far as when it stops feeling totally natural for them to walk in on me in the bathroom.

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But I'm not a fan of shaming a mom and her sons if their relationship is open enough to permit bathroom intrusions without it feeling like a big deal, or blasting them for being weirdos.

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That said, commenters to Sarah's video were basically divided on whether teens walking in on their mom in the bathroom, especially boys, was "normal." As many opined, bothering her through the door is one thing while barging right in is another.

Dozens of commenters shared that this wouldn't fly in their households growing up, but many, many moms defended the behavior, saying it's no big deal. "Normalize family being comfortable," demanded one person, while someone else snickered, "Tell me you have no kids without telling me you have no kids."

Sarah still found plenty of support for her take, with plenty of folks simply confirming this was "not normal."

In the end, I'm just not sure why it matters what we think about what goes on in other people's homes. I say: Normalize staying out of it.

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