'Fortnite' Fans Are Eagerly Anticipating the Return of Klombos β€” Will They Come Back?

Are Klombos still in 'Fortnite'? Fans are predicting their return to the game after they were removed for Chapter 3, Season 2.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Apr. 19 2022, Published 4:27 p.m. ET

For free-to-play games like Fortnite, it's common for event-specific features to become more popular than people expected. In Chapter 3, Season 1, Fortnite introduced the "Klombos" species to the game. While these enormous creatures became popular among players, they weren't going to stick around for long. However, fans have recently found hints that point toward Klombos returning to the game. Does that mean that Klombos are still in Fortnite? Check out our scoop.

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Fortnite is a popular online game from Epic Games. While the game features many online modes that allow you to play with your friends against dozens of players around the world, it is best known for its battle royale style of play. In this mode, players are placed into 100-person battles where teams or solo players can duke it out to see which one can come out on top.

In Fortnite, you can use all sorts of tools and weapons to your advantage. For a brief time, that also included Klombos.

fortnite klomberry x abcb
Source: Epic Games

Klombos and Klomberries

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Are Klombos still in 'Fortnite'? We might be looking at a return in the future.

Klombos are enormous dinosaur-like creatures that once roamed the island on Fortnite. Despite their immense size, they are a largely peaceful race of giants that can assist players in battle. Feeding them Klomberries that you can find in the field will allow you to obtain an item from them. You can also ride on top of them and use their blowholes for aerial traversal.

If they are attacked, they can become momentarily hostile and deal damage to players for a short period of time.

According to Fortnite Insider, Klombos were removed from the game in Chapter 3, Season 2. While fans largely lament the absence of these friendly dinosaurs, recent additions to the game foreshadow their eventual return.

For one, players on Twitter have been completing a Klombo Secret Challenge. Not only that, but Klomberry bushes are reportedly bearing fruit again for players to collect. While you can currently only use them as healing items, you might want to hold on to a few.

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As of this April 19 writing, Klombos aren't in the game for players to interact with, but all signs are pointing to their eventual return. In a future version of Fortnite, they might even make an exciting comeback with more bells, whistles, and added features.

Fans are already eagerly awaiting the return of Klombos, with one player tweeting that they "hope [Klombos] come back in the next Fortnite update." Other users are even coming up with fake announcements for their return.

Epic Games has yet to make a formal announcement on whether or not Klombos will return to the game in a future update. But it's hard to ignore all the tells being displayed throughout Fortnite. Hopefully, Klombos will return to the game sooner rather than later.

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