You Can Use Cow Catchers in 'Fortnite' to Turn Your Vehicles Into Ramming Machines

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Apr. 6 2022, Published 5:21 p.m. ET

There are all kinds of ways you can get ahead in a battle royale match in Fortnite. With tons of weapons at your disposal, the ability to mod weapons as you like, and even makeshift abilities based on your favorite superheroes, the game allows players to find wacky solutions for any kind of problem they might encounter in the game. That also includes the use of vehicles, which can be implemented in various ways. With the power of mods like the cow catcher, you can really dish out the damage.

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If you use them right, vehicles in Fortnite can help turn the tide in your favor in a match. While you can use them for standard transportation to get across a map quickly, other vehicles are designed specifically to deal your opponents a devastating blow. These can include, but are certainly not limited to, stationary turrets, shopping carts, and even planes to get the aerial jump on someone. Certain vehicles can even be modified with specific pieces that can really give them a combative edge

Exotic Weapons in 'Fortnite'
Source: Epic Games
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Here's where to find the cow catcher in 'Fortnite.'

When it comes to vehicle mods in Fortnite, the cow catcher is easily one of the most fun in the game. The item can be outfitted onto the front of any drivable vehicles out in the field. As you might expect, a car with a cow catcher on it can be used to ram into opponents and props to deal heavier damage than normal. Aside from modding your vehicles, they can also be used as cover against enemy fire if you place them on the ground. It's a faster way to form barriers than building one.

If you want to find cow catchers out in the field, then be on the lookout for red toolboxes. These can be found anywhere in the open world and contain all sorts of ammo and vehicle mods. More likely than not, a cow catcher will be among your gets.

Red toolboxes can be found anywhere on the map, but your best bet to find one for sure would be in garages and gas stations in a given map. You can also find them in normal chests, albeit at a slightly lower rate. Either way, they're common enough.

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cow catcher
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OK but like, what is a cow catcher anyway?

If you've ever seen an old-fashioned locomotive, you've seen a cow catcher before. In real life, cow catchers are usually attached to steam trains. These large metal structures at the front of the trains are generally used to deflect any debris or detritus that happens to end up stuck along the track while the train is in motion.

As far as Fortnite goes, yes, cow catchers essentially serve the same function that they do on actual trains. However, we here at Distractify do not endorse the use of cow catchers to deal heavy damage to your opponents in real life.

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