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People Are Angry at This YouTuber's "Disgusting" Prank of a Walmart Employee


YouTubers Lauren Love and Joel Ashley recently found themselves in some hot water after they uploaded what many are calling a "mean-spirited" prank involving Walmart employees online.

You would think that there's a fine line between pranking someone and emotionally terrorizing them, but I would argue that a "prank" should have people laughing and once they realize they were being put on.

Take, for example this statue prank  James Corden pulled on David Beckham. Although the legendary soccer player certainly got heated and upset during his exchange, at the end of the day, the situation itself was pretty funny. Although what was at stake for Beckham mattered to him very much, it was just a statue at the end of the day.

Pranking someone by telling them that their dog died, on the other hand, is just a cruel joke, because even afterward they're likely scarred emotionally.

For Love's YouTube prank, she went around a Walmart and pretended to be the CEO of the operation. After a bit of back-and-forth with employees, she'd drop the hammer on them, and tell them they're fired.