Lita Rory, 'Legends of Tomorrow.'
Source: The CW

Mick Rory's Daughter Lita Is Stirring up Family Drama on 'Legends of Tomorrow' (SPOILERS)


Jul. 25 2021, Published 12:02 p.m. ET

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow.

As avid watchers of Legends of Tomorrow know, there's always a chance to run into a familiar figure in time. In a recent episode of Legends, Mick Rory travels to 2023 and runs into his daughter Lita. Mick and Lita haven't always had the best relationship, but this time, she surprised him in a big way. Here's the rundown on Mick Rory's family drama, explained.

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Lita Rory on 'Legends of Tomorrow.'
Source: The CW

Mick Rory's daughter Lita arrives bearing shocking news.

In Season 6, Episode 9, "This is Gus" of Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends' mission to 2023 reveals a heavily pregnant Lita. Mick becomes angry but eventually comes to terms with the idea of being a grandfather. After all, Mick first discovered his daughters' existence after she left him negative reviews on his romance novels in an attempt to get his attention.

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Mick Rory with ex Ali and baby Lita.
Source: The CW

Although the father-daughter duo had a rocky relationship to start, they developed into a more healthy relationship, which is why it surprised Mick to discover Lita's pregnancy. Mick calls Lita to check-in, and she answers the phone panicked. Lita, unaware of the time jump, demands to know where Mick has been for a year. Thankfully, Ava is there to play mediator and explains that Lita is still in school and studying.

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Eventually, when the tensions settle, Mick inquires about Lita's boyfriend and the father of her child, Nico. Mick made specific inquiries about when Nico was out jogging, and Sara, eavesdropping, realized that Mick intended to murder Nico. The group rushed to save Nico's life, but they found Mick and Nico embracing. Mick admitted he did try to kill Nico, but they arrived at a mutual understanding and are now fine.

Lita Rory and Nate Heywood on 'Legends of Tomorrow.'
Source: The CW
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Mick previously learned he was a father in Season 5.

Lita was first brought to Mick's attention as an angry reviewer of his book, Heatwaves. Mick has been writing romance novels under the alias Rebecca Silver for the majority of the show. When Lita discovers this, she uses it as an opportunity to express her anger at her father for not being around. Lita is Mick's daughter with his high school sweetheart Ali, conceived when he went back in time to 2004.

Mick spends several episodes attempting to get to know his initially hesitant daughter, but eventually, they bond during a mission. It's clear that their relationship has grown a lot since Lita's initial introduction, and it is because of their bond that Mick accepts his pregnancy via Kayla in Season 6, Episode 10.

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Lita and Mick Rory on 'Legends of Tomorrow.'
Source: The CW

Lita fakes going into labor to ensure that Mick addresses his own "pregnancy" after having a fling with Kayla, who laid eggs in his head. Lita understands what Mick is going through because just as she did not plan her pregnancy, Mick didn't expect to be experiencing his. Mick's guilt at leaving Kayla to die sows doubt about his parenting, but he ultimately decides to become a good father to their children after the ultrasound.

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Mick and his daughter Lita.
Source: The CW

It's always a wacky time on Legends of Tomorrow, but at least there's plenty of family bonding to go around. Fans will have to find out the fate of Mick and Lita's children in a future episode.

New episodes of Legends of Tomorrow air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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