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Fans Support Lewis Capaldi During Tourette Syndrome Flare-Up on Stage

Melissa Willets - Author

Feb. 23 2023, Published 4:34 p.m. ET

Few people will disagree that Lewis Capaldi has one of the most hauntingly beautiful voices of today’s music scene. The singer is best known for ballads like “Before You Go” and can bring a tear to any eye with his impassioned performances.

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But fans may not be aware that Lewis was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. He has openly discussed how the condition affects him, and a new video of the crooner during a concert put the symptoms front and center for the audience. In a touching display, folks on hand to hear Lewis sing stepped up to support him while he was seemingly struggling with tics.

Lewis Capaldi was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome in 2018 and opened up about it in 2022.

Lewis Capaldi
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According to the CDC, Tourette syndrome affects the nervous system, causing those with the condition to tic or make sudden movements or sounds. Someone who is diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome cannot control these tics.

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In Lewis’s case, he was diagnosed with the condition in 2018, per CNN. In 2022, the star took to Instagram Live to share his story with fans, saying that this is something he copes with “all the time.”

“The worst thing about it is when I’m excited I get it, when I’m stressed I get it, when I’m happy I get it,” Lewis also confided during the session, adding, “It happens all the time.” Lewis went on to share, “Some days it’s more painful than others and some days it’s less painful. It looks a lot worse than it is. Sometimes it’s quite uncomfortable … but it comes and goes.”

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Lewis admitted that dealing with Tourette syndrome is “a new thing,” and that he is still learning about living with it. One treatment he said he tried is Botox in his shoulder so it doesn’t move as much.

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But fans who follow the singer are well aware that he experiences tics often while performing, and such was the case during a concert early in 2023, a clip of which was posted to Reddit, where users promptly uploaded the video due to its touching nature.

Fans supported Lewis Capaldi during a seemingly tough moment on stage.

On Feb. 23, 2023, a Redditor uploaded a video of the Scottish singer experiencing tics as he treated concert goers to that one-of-a-kind voice. At one point, you can hear fans stepping up to sing the lyrics to one of their favorite songs in support of Lewis.

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Comments immediately poured in as Reddit users felt moved by the clip. “​​He's so genuine and openly shares his struggles. Big time respect. What a role model,” one such person responded to the video.

Other users who also have the syndrome expressed gratitude for seeing someone in the public eye who is living with the condition. “I also have Tourettes and this kind of made me tear up. I’m not gonna lie,” a commenter said, while someone else agreed, “Same. After being bullied for so many years as a kid, it’s wild to see an example of so much widespread acceptance.”

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To be fair, some fans wanted to clarify what this moment reflected in their eyes. "His fans have obviously been supremely supportive and it is nice to see," one observer noted, adding, "But that's not why they're singing along in this clip. They're not 'helping him finish the song!'"

The Redditor went on to claim, "They've always sung along and he's always stopped at this point of the song for them to do so. He's encouraged crowd participation for as long as he's been playing that song."

Either way, Lewis is clearly inspiring many people with his story and his incredible voice.

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