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Lily Allen Is Preparing for Marriage — Does She Already Have Kids?


Sep. 9 2020, Updated 1:55 p.m. ET

Now that they've gotten their marriage license, Lily Allen and David Harbour have to figure out how to integrate themselves into one another's lives. It's unclear whether they're living together, but the two of them have been dating for over a year, which likely means that they're already somewhat familiar with one another's families. 

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Does Lily Allen have kids?

Although Lily seems to be happy in her relationship with David, she's already been married once before. Her previous relationship was with Sam Cooper, and the couple had two children during their time together. The first, Ethel Mary, was born in 2011, and the second, Marnie Rose, was born in 2013. Lily and Sam officially split in 2018 after Lily revealed that she had been unfaithful on several occasions throughout their marriage. 

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Lily Allen has had difficulty with childbirth.

Before she had her children, Lily had a complicated relationship with motherhood. In 2007, she faked a miscarriage after news of her pregnancy was misreported in some British tabloids. In August of 2010, she announced that she was pregnant with her first child with Sam. Seven months into the pregnancy, though, Lily suffered a stillbirth that resulted in her suffering from sepsis. After the loss of the child, Lily said that she was diagnosed with PTSD. 

After she gave birth to Marnie Rose, Lily also suffered from postnatal depression. "It was a bad scene," Lily wrote of the period where she was suffering from depression. "Creatively, I was trying to write songs that I thought were what the industry wanted, not what I wanted. I remember hearing Miley Cyrus on the radio and thinking, 'I need to be like that. This is what the kids want.' I lost myself."

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Lily Allen was honest about her past in her memoir.

In a memoir released in 2018, Lily owned up to much of her old life, and offered new details about her lowest moments. In the book, she said that going back to work on her music after giving birth was challenging for her.  

“The dichotomy between going back to work as a pop artist and being a mother to two very young children wasn’t something I could examine with any distance or objectivity,” she writes. “It was right inside me. It was my waking, daily reality and I found it blinding."

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Lily also said that she wasn't very prepared for motherhood. “And neither of my parents was particularly good at parenting, so it wasn’t a skillset that I had,” she said in an interview. “I sort of assumed it would all just happen naturally. And it didn’t. And I think that was the trigger for my postnatal depression."

"My whole childhood I’d been dreaming of this two point four children, living in the country – everything was just going to fall into place and I’d be this perfect mum. And it didn’t happen," she continued. "I was very shocked and disappointed.” In the book, Lily says that she's neither ashamed nor proud of her lowest moments. Hopefully, she's now put that time in her life behind her. 

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