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Source: Twitter

People Are Sharing Their Dream 'Little Mermaid' Cast and Honestly, Hear Them Out


Whatever your feelings are about Disney remaking nearly every classic cartoon movie, you can't deny that the news results in some hilarious memes. The Little Mermaid reboot has been announcing controversial casting news left and right; first, it was revealed that Melissa McCarthy is in talks to play Ursula the sea witch. Many weren't happy about that. Then, Halle Bailey was revealed as the new Ariel, an exciting and refreshing casting choice that of course brought racists and "mermaid scientists" out of the woodwork.

Now, people are sharing their casting choices for the rest of the roles in the film, and you should hear them out because they're all kind of perfect.

Source: Twitter

OK, this is pretty perfect. I mean, when you think "angry chef," who's the first person who comes to mind? It's obviously Gordon Ramsay. The only thing is that Chef Louis is very French, and Gordon Ramsay is about as British as it gets. Either he'll have to adopt a French accent or the character's origin story will have to change. Either way, I can totally picture Gordon Ramsay running around a kitchen trying to kill Sebastian with a cleaver.