Sara and Airi Shy Away From the ‘Love & Translation’ Kissing Challenge (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Sara and Airi have different reservations about showing their “affection” through kissing on ‘Love & Translation.’

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Mar. 1 2024, Published 5:59 p.m. ET

(l-r): Sara and Airi on 'Love & Translation'
Source: TLC

The journey for TLC’s Love & Translation’s three bachelors, Tripp, Kahlil, and Dylan, is only heating up with time. However, as viewers of the show know, neither the guys nor the women they’re getting to know can understand what one another is saying. That’s because none of the ladies can speak English, and the men can’t speak any of the 12 contestants’ languages.

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Due to the competition’s unique take on helping the singles find a real connection, they’re forced to use challenges that no one would probably do in real life, though they’re designed to increase connection.

On the show’s March 3 episode, the group will be challenged to narrow down their romantic conquests with the help of some lip-to-lip action through a kissing challenge.

In an exclusive clip shared with Distractify, two women, Sara from Italy and Airi from Japan, explain why they had reservations about kissing the men, whom they can only understand through a translator.

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(l-r): Kahlil, Dylan, and Tripp from 'Love & Translation'
Source: TLC

Sara and Airi aren’t excited about the ‘Love & Translation’ kissing challenge in an exclusive clip.

As we saw in the previous week with Joceline from France, the Love & Translation challenges have become cringeworthy amongst the group. This week, the cringe-fest somehow increased when host Sangita Patel presented the kissing challenge to everyone.

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In the clip from the episode, Sangita explains that kissing occurs in “90 percent of cultures around the world,” making it a universal language if you will. However, Sangita says kissing is a form of “affection” that can be completed by kissing someone’s cheek or nose or going straight for the lips.

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“Today, you will have a chance, ladies, to take time on the beach with one of our bachelors and show your affection,” the host excitedly tells the ladies. “Whatever you prefer, you have full control. The power is all yours.”

Following Sangita’s instructions, the guys smile ear-to-ear as some make eye contact with their romantic hopefuls. Alternatively, some women look like they could’ve had a V8, especially Sara and Airi. In two separate confessional interviews, Sara and Airi share their concerns about kissing the guys.

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Sara on 'Love & Translation'
Source: TLC

Who do Sara and Airi kiss on ‘Love & Translation?’

For Sara, kissing Dylan, Tripp, or Kahlil is deeper than seeing if she likes how their skin tastes. She explains how, in her culture, kissing is a “special” moment and says a good kisser is one who “gives you special vibes with the touch of his lips" and “should be able to make you feel desired.” According to her, all the guys must work extra hard to earn her passionate smooches.

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“It will be hard for the three guys to steal my kiss,” Sara professes. “My kiss is precious.”

Airi from 'Love & Translation'
Source: TLC
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While Sara rightfully doesn’t want to give her goodies away to anyone for personal reasons, Airi’s reservations have more to do with her culture’s modest restrictions. She says in her confessional that, in her country, there’s rarely any casual kissing, and the act is strictly for those in “committed relationships,” which she is not involved in.

“In Japan, we don’t kiss much, even to the back of the hand, forehead, or anything,” Airi says. “Kissing on the cheek might happen between male and female friends, but we don’t kiss on the lips unless we’re in a committed relationship.”

So far, we don’t know which guy Airi or Sara kissed or where which body part they selected to kiss. What we do know is whoever they select should feel very lucky since kissing means a lot to them both!

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