Inside Marciano and Hannah's Messy On Again/Off Again Relationship on 'Vanderpump Villa' (EXCLUSIVE)

"Jealousy is always going to be a part of our relationship," Marciano says, of being close to his ex.

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Apr. 1 2024, Published 12:00 a.m. ET

Hannah and Marciano from Vanderpump Villa
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When you watch the Hulu reality series Vanderpump Villa, it's hard not to equate each cast member to someone from the early days of the Bravo powerhouse Vanderpump Rules. But there is no denying that resident on again/off again exes Marciano and Hannah are kind of like the Jax and Stassi of this group. And we aren't complaining.

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Nothing gets the dramatic juices flowing on a new reality show like a pair of cast members with a storied history and plenty of jealousy left between them. And, since the preview for the season hints at what appears to be at least one reconciliation, it's hard not to wonder if Marciano and Hannah are together now.

Distractify spoke exclusively with Marciano and Hannah ahead of the series premiere about what it's like working together and where they stand now.

Hannah at a TCA Press event for Vanderpump Villa
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Are Marciano and Hannah dating after 'Vanderpump Villa'?

In true reality TV star fashion, neither Hannah or Marciano have revealed on social media if they're dating now. But they do follow each other on Instagram, and if VPR has taught us anything, it's that romantic relationships between servers and other restaurant employees have a way of being on and off at an almost constant rate.

And when we spoke to the pair about filming together, Hannah had positive things to say about Marciano as her "boss" as the lead server.

"We've worked together for a very long time. He's an outstanding hard-working server," she shared. "But I mean, do you want to be told what to do by your ex? No. But yeah. But we handled it and we navigated through it, and we got through it. So I'm very proud of him on how he did with that role."

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At one point in the first three episodes of Vanderpump Villa, we see Hannah accuse one of the other ladies of getting too close to Marciano while on the break room couches and of sitting with her legs open in front of Marciano. Although Hannah and Marciano are still split up at this point, clearly, she feels some kind of small claim to her ex.

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We can only expect more of that as the inaugural season goes on. And in the trailer for the episodes ahead, we see the pair kiss and even drop the "L-word." If Hannah and Marciano aren't dating now, after Vanderpump Villa, then no one will be surprised if they are soon.

Through working and living together for weeks at a time on the show, they're bound to have old feelings stir up quickly. And if there's a second season, you can forget about these two trying to hide any kind of romance as they continue to work and live together.

According to Marciano, whether they're together romantically or not, there will always be some kind of love between them.

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"We both love each other, whether we're together or not," he told Distractify. "So jealousy is always going to be a part of our relationship. But, and you'll see, it just shows we really care about each other, and at the end of the day, we do want what's best for each other. So no matter what we go through at the end of the day, we try and make sure that we're we're still unified as one, that's for sure."

Hannah and Marciano kiss on vanderpump villa
Source: Hulu
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Why did Marciano and Hannah break up?

Like Jax and Stassi, a la VPR, Marciano and Hannah have a history of breaking up and getting back together because of Marciano's infidelity. Despite that, Hannah seems to have a soft spot for Jax 2.0, and it might be a while before Hannah decides she has had enough of it. Or, Marciano will prove everyone wrong and turn things around completely. Hey, stranger things have happened on reality TV.

At the start of the first season, Hannah admits that she and Marciano "hooked up a month ago" but admits "there is still that jealousy factor." She also admits, "a piece of me has feelings for Marciano still," so there's that.

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'Vanderpump Villa's Marciano is basically the new Jax.

From Marciano's years-long messy relationship with one of his co-workers to the way he talks to boss Lisa Vanderpump and sneaks shots behind the bar whenever he can, he's basically the next Jax for fans to shake their heads at as they're unable to look away.

We can only hope that some of Marciano's decisions are a little more level-headed.

Watch new episodes of Vanderpump Villa on Mondays on Hulu.

Original reporting by Elizabeth Randolph-Montgomery

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