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Source: Instagram

Mattia Polibio Is the Latest TikTok Star to Become the Victim of a Death Hoax


Instagram users started sharing an image hinting at Mattia Polibia's death on Dec. 17. As it indicates, the TikTok star was hit by a car while out and about in his hometown of New York. 

The screenshot depicts a Google search with a Channel 45 news headline detailing the horrid news. As the meta description informs us, the content creator died after he was hit by an inattentive driver. 

Was Mattia Polibio found dead for real? What exactly is going on? 

Mattia Polibio was found dead reads viral Instagram hoax post. 

"Officials say he got out of the car he was in and when he was stepped into the road another car slammed right into him, not knowing he was going to get out," the post says.

Instagram users jumped in on the action and started sharing the news immediately. Although the photo was widely distributed, that doesn't make it a true story.