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People Are Sharing the One Meme That Defines Their Quarantine



Everyone is dealing with the quarantine in their own special way. Luckily, there's a meme for just about every feeling in the world. And people on Twitter have started to use #MemeThisQuarantine to share the one meme that sums up their quarantine experience. You might relate to several of these, as they are quite pertinent...and funny. 

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We're all agreeing not to comment on each other's appearances for at least six months when we emerge from this thing, right? We're all going to look like Russell Crowe rubbed his head on a balloon, and that's OK. 

It's absolutely insane that most of us have only been quarantined for around a month-and-a-half at this point. It feels like it's been an eternity. And we're not done yet!

To all the parents out there who are trying to work, feed, and educated their children, you are a champ. I don't know how you do it. I do not blame you if this is literally how you have to get them out of bed every morning.

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Who's wearing pants during quarantine? Not I! Maybe you should, though, if you have a Zoom meeting with coworkers or you are, oh, I don't know, appearing on national television. Just a suggestion. 

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Financial ruin and Tiger King? Yep, sounds like a lot of people's quarantines to me! This is, sadly, way too relatable.

It's almost impossible to comfort your friends and family the way they need to be comforted in quarantine while maintaining proper social distance. It sucks! We all just want hugs, you know?

Raise your hand if you have fought someone for toilet paper in the last month-and-a-half? It's not pretty, but it's our reality. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I was finally able to order toilet paper online. 

Have you caught yourself just staring longingly out of the window for hours at a time yet? If you have, welcome to the club. If you haven't, you will. There's time yet.

Some people suddenly have all this time on their hands because they aren't able to work right now. That's when you start making to-do lists like: 1. Wake up, 2. Brush teeth, 3. Sit on couch. It feels so good to cross those things off the list! You feel so accomplished!

Life has become one big game of tag and you do not want to be the person everyone's running away from. Wear your masks when you're out in public, people!

If there are still things in your house, including people, who aren't covered in Lysol, what are you even doing?! Just kidding; don't Lysol your children. But do wipe down frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs and cabinet handles.

Have you watched All of the Television and Movies There Are to Watch yet? Me too. At least that's what it feels like. Just remember to go outside every once in a while. It's good for you.

Some people have been stuffing their faces during quarantine, and by some people, I mean all people. We're all eating garbage. It's part of it. Stress does this to us. It's not our faults.

I am not joking when I say that finding delivery windows on Amazon Fresh has become the most thrilling high-stakes game in my life. It's an art form, and I've perfected it.

This video clip of the smiling kid who is quickly reduced to tears is perhaps the most expressive of how we are all feeling during quarantine. Except that range of emotions is happening every single day. Every. Single. Day.

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If you're an introvert, you probably loved canceling plans before quarantine. But that doesn't mean you didn't like having the plans to cancel!

It boggles the mind that there are still people out there who don't understand what six feet means. Why are you trying to stand close to me?! Back off! This should not be this hard.

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Ah yes. Have you played the game, "Is it coronavirus or anxiety?" yet? It's super hard to play, and no one wins. Yet, I can't help but participate in the game every dang day. 

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Oh man, if we could return whole years, I would be so in. I would wait in line for hours just to get rid of 2020...not to mention 2016...and maybe 2002 while we're at it, too. (My clothes were regrettable, to say the least.) 

Um, sure, maybe this is meme, but it's also the best advice I've ever gotten in my entire life. Holy moly, this is perfect. 

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The apocalypse definitely doesn't look like it does in the movies, but also, I'm kind of glad? Because I am not equipped to handle the apocalypse situation at the top of this meme, but I'm totally excelling at the kind of apocalypse where you have to stay inside, sit on the couch, and eat chips. 

If you have lost track of the days, you are not alone. The only people who know that day it is right now are the ones who are at work, or the ones who are expecting a delivery. For the rest of us? It's a free-for-all.

This video is absolutely one of my favorite videos on the internet. My sister and I tag each other whenever we see it posted because it brings us so much joy. And while I've watched this recently, I haven't used it to describe 2020. I should, though. It's perfect.

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I really feel for the people who are stuck quarantining totally alone. I'm at least with my husband and our dog. I couldn't imagine if I had to do this by myself. I would probably be an even bigger unshowered, braless monster than I already am, and I didn't even think that was possible.

We stan this roly poly raccoon. He's a round, efficient boi, and he's also my new hero. From now on, I'll roll into the kitchen for snacks, then roll right out to the couch with my snacks, then roll into the bedroom to take a nap when I'm done with my snacks. 

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