Men Block Women's Cars in a Parking Lot, Social Media Responds

There’s a reason women are afraid of men and it’s demonstrated perfectly in a video of men blocking women’s cars in an attempt to hang out with them.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Oct. 6 2023, Published 11:54 a.m. ET

We’ve all heard of ridiculous pickup lines and methods, but there’s a difference between ridiculous and predatory. And some men think that being predatory is “cute,” “quirky,” or “bold,” but we hate to break it to you boys, it’s just harassment. An example of this is insisting on walking a woman home when she asks you not to.

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So when TikToker @leavemetfaloneplsss posted a video of her and a friend getting blocked in a parking lot by some men who were trying to hang out with them, the TikTok community came in full force to support OP. This is why women feel unsafe, especially when they are alone! Luckily, OP wasn’t alone, but this is still scary. Let’s break it down.

A man stalking a woman at her house
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These men blocked women in their cars in a parking to try and hang out with them.

While OP’s experience must have been at least slightly terrifying, the fact that she shared the video shows unsuspecting men why their actions can come off as predatory. And we aren't giving these men the benefit of the doubt — they are predators. OP’s video says it all. The video begins with the title, “Last night, two guys circled the parking lot and blocked in my friend and I’s cars.”

Clearly, these men were on a hunt … for vulnerable women. The women can be heard saying, “He will not let me leave,” and “They actually will not let us leave.” Not only do women have places to go, but trapping a woman isn't a kind way into her pants. Then the boys say, “We wanted you to come hang out at the lake.”

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OK, not only is it an already uncomfortable situation, but now they want the women to go with them to a random location in the wilderness? No way. This has horror film written all over it. The craziest part is that the men seem completely unbothered and unaware that what they’re doing is a form of harassment.

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“Why are y’all being so weird? I’m just tryna say hi,” they shout to the women. “What’s your name?” he asks. Luckily, OP has the perfect response. “Why do you need to know my name?” In no way, shape, or form should she be cooperating with these predators. Although she seems to handle the situation with grace, patience, and confidence, no woman should be put in that situation in the first place.

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Things escalate a bit when the man says, “What do you have better to do on a Thursday night?” At this point, he’s gaslighting OP and disrespecting her time after already disrespecting her boundaries and safety. Sir, most women have better things to do on Thursday nights than appease strange men.

“Go home and go to bed,” OP responded. “Why can’t we all just be friends?” the man tries to reason. Again, blocking a woman, disregarding her time, and paying no mind to her safety isn't the way to make friends. We don’t know who taught him about making friends in Kindergarten, but harassment is definitely not the way.

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OP takes it upon herself to try to teach him. “Like you literally just blocked us in so you have to think about it from our perspective,” she says. While she has no responsibility to do this, it’s a brave way to handle the situation. “We don’t know who’s in the truck,” she continues. Luckily, he seems to understand that the women aren’t there to hang out with strangers.

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“Alright, well if y’all wanna leave that’s fine,” he finally says. But then he makes it worse for himself. “But like, it’s hard for us ‘cause we’re not the bad apples.” Yes, they are!!! If I were those women, I’d be irate at this phrase. It’s giving class “nice guy” vibes when clearly, these guys are not nice guys. Nice guys don’t force unwilling women to hang out with them.

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“We’re the good apples,” the man continues. “Anyone can say that,” OP responds back. She’s right that a bad apple can claim to be a good one, but perhaps what’s more sinister is a man truly believing that he’s a good apple when he’s a predator. It’s reminiscent of Promising Young Woman, which highlights how even seemingly innocuous men can be the villain.

“I’m like watchin’ you,” OP or her friend says. “I will clock you.” As they try to threaten the men, the men laugh this off. “I’d smile while you do it,” the men respond. Again, they’re minimizing the women’s feelings (and threats) in order to feel more powerful. All of this behavior just screams harassment.

The commenters quickly offered their support to the women and encouraged them to call the police if they hadn’t already. It seems like OP and her friend got out safely, but in a situation like this, it’s best to call the police. No one knows how far those men would’ve gone and if they had any weapons in their truck. And who knows? They may have gone on to harass other women afterward until they got what they wanted.

If you need support, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or visit to chat online one-on-one with a support specialist at any time.

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