Some 'RHOSLC' Fans Believe Meredith Marks Set off the Fire Alarm by Smoking Weed

Leila Kozma - Author

Mar. 19 2021, Updated 4:03 p.m. ET

Meredith Marks
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A previous episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, titled "Sundance City," featured a curious, albeit easy-to-overlook scene. In it, Meredith Marks and others spend considerable time trying to shut down the smoke alarm before concluding that an overflowing toilet triggered it. 

A confusing conversation captured in the RHOSLC "Reunion Part 1" led fans to revisit the scene with renewed interest. Many are now wondering if Meredith was smoking weed. 

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So, how did Meredith Marks set off the fire alarm on 'RHOSLC'?

"Sundance City" captured the frivolous parties taking place in conjunction with the Sundance Film Festival. Some fans now believe, however, that the RHOSLC episode also featured a scene much more fascinating. 

After the fire alarm goes off seemingly unprompted, Brooks repeatedly asks his mother if she is cooking — but she says no. In the end, they blame the incident on the overflowing toilet. 

Most viewers could have easily ignored the relatively trivial scene — had it not been brought up once again by a belligerent Jen Shah during the RHOSLC "Reunion Part 1." 

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meredith marks smoking
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Meredith and Jen had quite a few issues to smooth over during the "Reunion Part 1"— including the infamous incident involving high kicks, no underwear, and Brooks — but their conversation took a radically different turn once Jen made a passing comment about Meredith's knack for smoking. 

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In response, Meredith accused Jen of deliberately recording footage of her smoking — stating that her co-star even kept the video on her phone. During the conversation, she exhibited a certain level of discomfort, perhaps as though she found the idea of someone compiling an archive for future blackmailing opportunities unsettling. 

Source: Twitter
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"[You can bring out] that video footage you took of me having a cigarette," Meredith told Jen, before adding that "Try recording more people without their knowledge and consent. That's really nice." 

Intriguingly enough, the remark caught show host Andy Cohen's attention as well. 

"Why, did she record you smoking and then put it on social media?" Andy enquired. 

"No, she just kept it," Meredith explained. 

The conversation was quickly diverted toward Meredith's lifestyle and personal habits. As she remarked, she doesn't mind treating herself to a cigarette now and then, but she firmly refuted any allegations holding that she was a "closet smoker."

"Once in a blue moon, if I have a few drinks, might I have a cigarette? Sure," Meredith said. 

Later on in the conversation, Jen implied that Meredith passed out that night. 

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Fans found Meredith's smoking extremely relatable, with many taking it to Twitter to point out that the revelations made them like her even more. 

"Mer was probably chain-smoking off-camera," tweeted @maticaps on Feb. 11, 2021.

"Yes, something is going on with her," wrote @Greenbean1973

"As a queen should," replied @jonsideofpaul. 

meredith marks smoking
Source: Instagram
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Some were less fond of the way Meredith's smoking was presented on the show, however. 

"Listen, the fact they tried to cover up it was marijuana as if it's a sin on the reunion last night killed me. And that is what Miss Mer was doing," tweeted @missfanny07_

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