Are Mia and Kayla From ‘Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship’ Still Together Now?

'Help I'm in a Secret Relationship' is MTV's new show exploring couples like Mia and Kayla who have had to keep their relationships private.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Apr. 26 2022, Published 8:06 p.m. ET

MTV has debuted a plethora of shows based on real-life relationship issues in recent years. First, there was Catfish, which highlighted the betrayal some online daters face after learning their partners might not be who they say they are. Then, the network launched Ghosted, a show about the pitfalls of falling for someone who disappears seemingly overnight.

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Although talking to a stranger or being ignored is no fun, MTV’s latest dating show, Help! I'm In A Secret Relationship, tackles the angst of not knowing anyone in your partner’s family. In the pilot episode, viewers meet Mia and her fiancée, Kayla. But what has happened since the couple filmed the show? Keep reading to get the latest scoop on whether Mia and Kayla are still together.

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Are Mia and Kayla still engaged since filming ‘Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship’?

Season 1 of Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship opens with hosts Travis Mills and Rahne Jones discussing their first case for the show. In a clip, Mia, a 30-year-old rapper from Los Angeles, says she’s been with her fiancée, Kayla, for three years. The musician also shares that she calls her fiancée “her best friend” and declares that she “wants to marry” her.

Throughout Mia's confessional, viewers are shown moments of the couple's life together, including shots of Kayla styling Mia and the duo riding scooters. Soon, though, Mia explains their most significant problem. While Kayla has a tight-knit relationship with Mia's mother and her other family members, she has never introduced Mia to her own family.

"I've never even met Kayla's family," Mia says. "Why is she hiding me?"

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Later in the clip, Rahne admits that Mia and Kayla’s situation “kinda hit home” for her, as she’s dealt with being hidden from her past relationships because she identifies as gay. Nonetheless, the team decides to help them get back on track.

Their guidance seemingly worked, because Mia and Kayla are still going strong and even creating online content together. The couple frequently updates their joint account (@lgksquad) and provides “Vibes, Love, & Laughs with the SQUAD.” Mia and Kayla also have a YouTube page documenting their engagement.

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The hosts of ‘Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship’ say the show promotes “healthy conversations” between couples.

Mia and Kayla’s episode is a jumping off point for what’s to come from Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship. The show will feature other couples hiding their partners for various reasons. While speaking to Distractify about the show, Travis and Rahne say fans can expect to see “painfully awkward” confrontations between the couples, including “screaming matches” and some people attempting to “drive off and leave.”

Rahne added that the show provides “licensed therapists” for the couples and stresses that her and Travis’s role is to give “advice” as they “see fit.”

However, the show will still have a fair share of drama, given its premise.

"At the end of the day, you know, the reasons why these people are hiding their partners is because of fear, fear that they're going to be left because of the reason or whatever that may be," Rahne said. "But it's about communication. And we just try to keep level heads throughout and not approach it with a level of judgment that someone shuts down."

Catch new episodes of Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship, airing on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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