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Source: TLC

Micah Plath's Modeling Career Is the Perfect Backup Plan to 'Welcome to Plathville'


If you thought you were going to find a new incarnation of the Duggars with Welcome to Plathville, you are barking up the wrong tree. Some of the elder Plath kids have proven themselves to be more worldly than all of the adult Duggar kids put together. And now that Micah Plath is modeling, he is set to join his younger sister and older brother in the world beyond the confines of the Plath family farm.

So far, Moriah Plath has been the black sheep of the family. She dresses in clothes that are a little more revealing than those of her older sister, Lydia Plath, and she and her mom are constantly butting heads about what she should and shouldn’t be allowed to do. Micah’s older brother Ethan Plath got married less than a year before the events of the TLC series and he, too, has embraced the world outside of their family. Now, Micah could be the next son to branch off.