The Plath Family's "Little Piece of Heaven on Earth" Is a Farm in an Isolated Town

Shannon Raphael - Author

Mar. 12 2021, Updated 11:05 a.m. ET

Plath family
Source: TLC

Those who miss seeing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on TV might find kindred spirits in Kim and Barry Plath. The couple is parents to a whopping nine kids (Hosanna, Ethan, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy), and like the Duggars, they're ultra-religious and they limit their kids' technology usage. 

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Much of Welcome to Plathville takes place on the Plaths' compound, and the grounds are sprawling, to say the least. Where do the Plaths live? Inside their expansive property, how they use the land to fill their time, and where it's located.

Source: TLC
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Where do the Plaths live?

For many people, it's a rarity to see a property as huge and untouched as where the Plaths live. When one of the opening shots was an aerial of the Plaths' land, it was clear that the family of 11 can truly spread out on their property. 

"We've structured our lifestyle here so that we can retreat to our piece of heaven on Earth," says patriarch Barry in the beginning of Episode 1. But where is this piece of Heaven on Earth?

Kim went on to describe that their 55 acre farm in located in rural South Georgia. 

"The nearest town is 10 miles away," says 15-year-old Lydia in the show's opening scene. "You can just hear the birds and watch wildlife grow. It's just really amazing." 

Hearing the birds is likely an important activity for the kids, as they otherwise rarely can access the technology that many American teens use on a daily basis.

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"The best part, to me, is just how peaceful it is," 16-year-old Moriah said about the farm. "It's just nice to be able to breathe."

Michah, Barry and Kim's 18-year-old son, noted that the family members rarely ever wear shoes, and it helps them further connect to the nature on their farm. 

The property has a basketball hoop, a pond, and a playground that the kids spend a lot of time on when they're not laboring on the land. 

Source: YouTube
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The Plath kids' unique upbringing is shocking for viewers.

Of course, for a family to get a show on TLC, they have to be different from the average American family. The Plath kids, though super interested in sports, didn't know who Tom Brady or LeBron James were. Likewise, Lydia didn't know who Spider-Man was. The kids are also more than okay with the fact that they've never grown up watching TV. 

But, just because Barry and Kim are raising their kids in a certain way doesn't mean that they themselves grew up like that too. The Plath kids were not raised eating sugar (just honey) or drinking soda, but Barry definitely had a different childhood in Minnesota.

"They've never had a Coke. Can you believe that? That's so off-the-wall, when I think about that. I drank so much Mountain Dew when I was young," Barry says. "The pendulum has swung in the way-far direction for them."

Barry and Kim noted that daughter Moriah was the most different out of their kids, and we've already seen clips of the couple disagreeing with their daughter-in-law, Olivia. In an otherwise-isolated farm, there's a bit of good old-fashioned drama coming to Plathville.

Welcome to Plathville airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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