Mike Horstman and His Dog Are Basically Best Friends on 'Mountain Men'

Mike Horstman and his dog Adele are best friends on 'Mountain Men,' so who is she and how long have the pair been inseparable? We have answers.

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Jul. 9 2021, Published 5:12 p.m. ET

Mike Horstman And His Dog
Source: History

When Mike Horstman joined the cast of Mountain Men in Season 7, he wasn't alone. It was only natural for him to bring along his trusty companion and canine bestie, Adele. And just like Mike, she has become a well-known part of the show's cast. But with her presence on the series comes plenty of curiosity among fans about who Mike's dog is and how long the pair have been so inseparable.

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As a dedicated hunter, it's not surprising that Mike always has his dog by his side. But she's more than just a hunting companion. Dare we say Adele is Mike's best friend in the world? It wouldn't be out of the scope of reality to assume that, especially given how close and special their bond seems to be on the show.

Mike Horstman and Adele
Source: Facebook
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Mike Horstman's dog is always by his side on 'Mountain Men.'

Although Mike is part of the Mountain Men cast, he is also a hunter and professional guide in real life. And on the Kodiak guide service website where he details his experience, he also mentions taking Adele with him on all of his hunts, including those with clients who pay to go hunting with him.

"On most of these hunts, it's just me, a client, and my dog Adele," he wrote on the site.

It's pretty adorable, but it also speaks volumes about the bond Mike and Adele have outside of the TV show and away from cameras. Adele has been in his life for years, and at close to 12 years old herself, she's an older dog, but one who is arguably Mike's most solid companion.

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Mike Horstman's dog Adele
Source: Facebook

What kind of dog is Adele?

Mike also explained on a Kodiak guide website that Adele is a German Wirehaired Pointer. Her particular breed is meant for hunting, so it makes sense that Mike takes her with him on his adventures both on and off Mountain Men.

In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, German Wirehaired Pointers make great companions for most humans, especially if they are outdoorsy like Mike.

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German Wirehaired Pointers are also very social and work well with almost anyone. And they have lots of energy to burn off most days. Although the life expectancy of these types of dogs is about 16 years, Adele seems to still be hunting with Mike like she's a young pup, and fans of Mountain Men have come to adore her as much as they admire the human cast of the History series.

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You can book a hunt with Mike Horstman.

If you're a hunter and a fan of the show, you can book a real live hunt with Mike outside of the series. You can choose your preferred hunting dates on the official website and submit your information to plan a bear hunt with Mike as your guide.

You can also have your flight, lodging, and meals included in your price and itinerary, but you'll need to narrow down what you prefer to have included.

It's not clear how much it costs to book a hunt with Mike, but whatever it is, it might be a small price to pay to be able to hang with him and Adele for a little while.

However, you should probably be an experienced hunter ready to actually get dirty. This isn't simply a tour of the Alaskan bush. It's the real deal. and Mike has proven time and again that's what he is too.

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