Shopper Blasts Store for "Ridiculous Price Gouging" by Charging $13.99 for Jar of Mayo

When did Miracle get so expensive? That's what this shopper wants to know after she went to a grocery store for mayonnaise and left disappointed.

Pretty Honore - Author

Aug. 21 2023, Published 7:54 p.m. ET

When did being alive get so expensive? It’s one thing if you’re living a life of luxury — it’s proof that hard work pays off. But it’s an entirely different story when you work 40+ hours a week to survive. Just ask the millions of Americans who are subject to homelessness, poverty, and food insecurity.

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Since inflation took the country by storm, those problems only got worse. Not only has the cost of gas and housing gone up, but food is getting pretty expensive too. At first, it was just the price of eggs that went up. Now, we’re realizing that the whole grocery store is socking it to our pockets.

On TikTok, Linda Souders (@thefrugalsuperstar) pointed out that even the cost of mayonnaise has reached new heights.

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This shopper blasted a grocery store for charging $14 for a jar of Miracle Whip.

If you thought the cost of living was high before, you won’t believe how bad grocery stores are price-gauging their customers these days. Linda pointed this out at a Key Foods in her area, which had Miracle Whip priced at a whopping $13.99.

“Can somebody tell me when Miracle went up to $13.99? They have got to be losing they d--- minds. It’s a regular 30-ounce jar. They have got to be losing they rabid a-- minds if they think I’m going to pay $13.99 for some d--- miracle whip.”

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Who could have imagined that one day, all of us would be paying a dollar per two ounces of Miracle Whip? I sure didn’t. In the comments, users chimed in with their two cents about the price of mayonnaise going up.

@Steve.Indy said in the comments: “Everything so expensive, cost me $244 this week at Kroger and I live alone.”

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One commenter even thought it was just a mistake on the store’s part. “My best guess is the people that make the prices messed up when making the tags, most likely will send down emergency price tags to replace them,” @tragicvocals wrote.

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But the Miracle Whip isn’t the only pricey item in Key Foods. In fact, appears that nothing in the store is affordable for the average human. Most items have seen a price increase.

Research shows that Key Foods is way too expensive for the average person to afford.

Among the cities that have been hit the hardest by inflation is NYC. One TikToker user — @nyccostoflivingcrisis — gave us insight into how bad it has gotten. They even took a walk through Key Foods and proved that the prices were on par with the Miracle Whip.

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The video, posted in May 2023, showed that Cheerios cost $9.19 while Oreos cost $7.49. At those prices, it’s hard to imagine how much a week’s worth of groceries would run you.

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“Key foods in Connecticut is just as expensive,” one person wrote about the Miracle Whip madness. “Coffee creamer $8.00. I went to a different local store and paid $4.00 for the same creamer.”

Let this be a lesson to us all — if you need some Miracle Whip, you might not want to go to Key Foods to get it.

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