Mom Goes on Two-Hour Rescue Mission After Her Son's Pet Frog Got Lost in a Wall — Saves the Day!

This mom had a two-hour standoff with her son's pet frog after he got lost in a hole in the wall. Of course, she saved the day.

Pretty Honore - Author

Sep. 8 2023, Updated 1:26 p.m. ET

Moms have been known to do the impossible. And we’re not just talking about the art of mastering the art of the perfectly shaped PB&J sandwich or getting everyone out of the house for school on time.

From baking cakes to catching spiders, there are no lengths that a mother won't go to make her kid happy — even if that means having a two-hour standoff with a frog in the bathroom.

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Just ask TikTok user @brightsignslearning, who had to go on a rescue mission after her son’s frog escaped.

Although her attempts to lure the frog out of the hole failed at first, TikTok saved the day with some helpful advice. The shocking conclusion to the story is the best thing you’ll see all day. Read on for your daily dose of wholesome content.

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A mom had to rescue her son’s pet frog after it got lost in a hole in the wall.

@Brightsignslearning was crowned Mom of the Year after her unbelievable encounter with a frog went viral. But it wasn’t this isn’t the first time she’s had to perform life-saving measures on a family pet.

In fact, she and her family had another amphibian emergency earlier that week.

“I gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to my son's fish the other day. You're not even gonna believe this,” she whispered in the video.

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“We have a frog. And I was like, 'Oh yeah, we should play with it for the first time.' My son's like like, 'I'm nervous.' I go, 'Don't be nervous. We'll go in your bathroom and shut the door,' which we did," she recounted.

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Not 10 seconds after they let the frog out, things took a turn for the worst. “[The] frog jumps around for literally 3 seconds, jumps to the vanity,” she recalled, adding, “There's a freaking construction hole under the vanity.”

Her story continued: “Frog jumps in — [and gets] lost in the wall. My son's in hysterics calling, ‘Kermit, Kermit!’”

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There was a two-hour and 45-minute stand-off between this mom and the family pet.

After the pet fish she had attempted to revive didn’t make it, she was determined to bring Kermit back safe and sound. After putting her son to bed, she set out on her mission. In the video, you could see the frog peeking out from its hiding place, but buddy wasn’t budging.

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“I prayed to St. Anthony. I put out sounds of crickets on my Google and I'm trying to lure him out,” she said desperately. By the time she started recording, she had already spent 60 minutes sitting silently in the closet.

“We’re in a legit standoff. It's been an hour,” she shared. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Thanks to commenters who suggested that @brightsignslearning turn out the lights and set out the frog’s water bowl, she caught Kermit and returned him to his rightful home.

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Victory is hers! Here's the shocking conclusion to the lost frog saga.

After a two-hour and 45-minute standoff, our good sis finally secured the frog. And we really love that for her.

“I should be a police officer. I should be a cop,” she said with pride at the end of the video. I see no lies.

That just goes to show you — not all heroes wear capes.

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