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Source: cbs

Natalia Grace Barnett Insists That She's a Teenager, Despite What Her Adopted Parents Say


It's a subject that feels gross to even bring up but it's one that people love to gossip and chatter about: adoption horror stories. Unfortunately, the nastiness goes both ways. From parents who are only in it for some government money, to agencies who "foist" children with severe issues on unsuspecting parents who are unprepared to deal with them, there are plenty of grim tales to go around. 

The case of Natalia Grace Barnett, however, is one that's filled with tons of twists and turns and now, she's got an interview with Dr. Phil that aims to set the record straight. Or, at the very least, tell her side of the whole thing.

Who is Natalia Grace Barnett?

OK, this story is a messed up one that's just made for some weird '90s movie starring a young child actor with a creepy smile. Indiana couple Michael and Kristine Barnett adopted an 8-year-old girl from Ukraine — her name was Natalia. 

She was diagnosed with dwarfism, which posed some unique caretaking challenges that both she and her new family needed to deal with. But those obstacles were nothing compared to the drama that would unfold between Natalia and her adoptive parents.