Woman Says Neighbor Terrorized Her Family by Damaging Her Property, Using Slurs, Filming Her Kids

TikToker @tanyaguev2 shares a series of videos about her neighbor's racist and hostile behavior, which includes destroying their security camera.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Sep. 19 2023, Published 5:22 p.m. ET

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Neighbors can be anything but neighborly. One family in California has another neighbor horror story to add to the collection and we really feel for them. Especially since their bad apple of a neighbor is now dragging their kids into it.

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A California mom shares video of her neighbor trespassing on her property, ripping the family's security camera out, then making vulgar remarks. That's just one of offenses, though.

In a series of TikTok videos, creator @tanyaguev2 discussed the lengths that her neighbor had taken. In one video, her neighbor is seen ripping a video camera from under @tanyaguev2’s roof. Once the neighbor gets a hold of it, she throws it in @tanyaguev2's driveway and begins calling @tanyaguev2 explicit names while giving her the middle figure.

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In a different video, @tanyaguev2 explains more of her neighbor’s hostile behaviors.

"She has a camera pointing into my living room. She has a screen door and she will just sit there and yell at us when we go outside," @tanyague explained, adding, "She has recorded my kids in the little swimming pool in my front yard."

But that’s not all.

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@tanyaguev2 claimed that her nightmare of a neighbor even called Child Protective Services on her and told them she had postpartum depression. The neighbor also called the cops to tell them that @tanyaguev2's children were left unattended, which @tanyaguev2 says wasn’t true. Not to mention that all of this still happened despite the fact that @tanyaguev2 has a restraining order against this woman.

"We don't feel comfortable going outside in our own home," @tanyaguev2 explained.

What incited this neighbor’s hostile behavior toward @tanyaguev2 is unclear but it seems to be rooted in racism.

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@tanyaguev2 explained that the neighbor had called her husband a pervert and had referred to both of them using Spanish slurs.

"She told us that we would never be welcomed here and that we are an embarrassment and disgrace to the city. She's told me she wants to fight me," @tanyaguev2 continued.

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@tanyaguev2 also noted that her family’s security camera — the one that the neighbor ripped from her property — does not look into her neighbor's yard, and the police even verified it. But on the other hand, the neighbor’s camera does invade @tanyaguev2 and her family’s privacy.

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Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an easy fix to @tanyaguev2's neighbor drama. While the neighbor rents, she and her husband own their house and understandably don't want to have to leave. However, @tanyaguev2 shared that the cops have suggested that the best thing she and her husband can do is move.

Furthermore, @tanyaguev2 shared that because of laws in California, it's easier said than done for her neighbor to get evicted.

Sending love to @tanyaguev2 and her family. Everyone deserves to feel at peace both inside and outside their home.

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