Fabiola and Addison's 'Never Have I Ever' Relationship Takes a Backseat in Season 4 (EXCLUSIVE)

Where is Fabiola and Addison’s relationship in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4? We spoke exclusively with Lee Rodriguez about her character.

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Jun. 8 2023, Published 11:00 a.m. ET

Addison and Fabiola in 'Never Have I Ever'
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 4.

The fourth and final season of Never Have I Ever is already serving up some unforgettable high school romance. Devi’s love triangle is once again a love square, and we are not complaining. The only thing missing is Fabiola’s love life. Our favorite robotics wunderkind spent the first three seasons of the Netflix series figuring out who she is and who she wants to date. But now, her love life is MIA.

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Season 3 ends with Fabiola and Addison (Terry Hu) finally hooking up, but in Season 4, Addison is nowhere to be seen. So what’s going on with Fabiola and Addison’s relationship? Distractify spoke exclusively with Lee Rodriguez, the actor behind Fabiola, about what her character is up to this season.

Addison and Fabiola in 'Never Have I Ever'
Source: Netflix
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Fabiola and Addison’s relationship in ‘Never Have I Ever’ continues into Season 4.

Addison isn't in every Season 4 episode, but they’re still dating Fabiola. For those of us who forgot, Addison was Dev’s non-binary friend in Season 3 to whom Fab was instantly attracted. But both Dev and Addison were already seniors in Season 3, so they no longer attend Sherman Oaks. Fabiola can use her senior year to focus on herself and her professional career instead of her love life. Now that she’s out, proud, and in a healthy relationship, it’s time to put her robotics career first.

fabiola never have i ever
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“In this season, [Fab and Addison] are already really developed, and [Fab's] relationship with Addison is off-screen,” Lee shared exclusively with Distractify.

“And you will see Addison later on in the season. But this season is mostly about Fabiola just wanting to get into college and the drama that she's in with her besties and just overall kind of just more seeing Fabiola in her element in comparison to other seasons. I feel like it's been mostly revolved around her love life so it's really nice that people are gonna see Fabiola be more so in her element.”

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Before there was Addison, there was Eve, who helped Fabiola come to terms with her sexuality. But in Season 3, Episode 1, Eve moves to South Korea. Although Eve and Fabiola try to make a long-distance relationship work, that's too challenging with the time difference. However, Addison's time difference from Fab is a maximum of three hours, so making their relationship work is much more feasible.

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In the series finale, Devi’s friends attend Pati’s wedding, and several of them bring plus ones. Fabiola brings Addison, and their relationship seems to be in a good place throughout the episode, so it looks like Fab’s got it all figured out.

Lee Rodriguez is close to her ‘Never Have I Ever’ co-stars off-screen as well.

In the end, Never Have I Ever is a series about friendship. Sure, there are romances, feuds, and college applications, but Devi’s friendship with Eleanor and Fab is the show's heart. Naturally, the young women playing those characters grew as close off-screen as they were on-screen.

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Ramona Young and Lee Rodriguez at the 'Never Have I Ever' premiere
Source: Netflix

“I'm really close with my co-stars,” Lee dished. “I used to room with one of my co-stars, Ramona Young, who plays Eleanor, so we're really close. Also, Christina Carter, who played Eve, she was Fabiola’s girlfriend. I hang out with them a lot. But honestly, everybody in the cast, I'm really close with. We all just live in different places.

"So when we do get to be able to all be in the same place, it's always super fun and it's always a blast. We do have a group chat, anytime we read a new script or we get to watch all the episodes, we're just blowing up the group chat and raving over each other.”

While the end of Never Have I Ever is here, the relationships built along the way will last forever.

All four seasons of Never Have I Ever are now available to stream on Netflix.

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