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Source: Instagram

The New 'Jeopardy!' Champion Is Breaking Major Records, and the Internet Is Obsessed


Whether or not you follow Jeopardy!, you probably heard the news: The gameshow has a new all-star, and he officially holds the second highest winnings in the history of Jeopardy! after Ken Jennings. It also doesn't hurt that he's pretty adorable. The contestant's name is James Holzhauer, and Monday marks his eighth consecutive win on the show. Today's Jeopardy! winnings helped Holzhauer rack up a total of $460,479. In 2004, Ken Jennings ended up with $2,520,700 after winning 74 games in a row, and before Holzhauer, there was Dave Madden, who won $430,400 after 19 games in 2005. Still, Holzhauer is in awesome company — and it's not too late to beat Jennings' high score.

In fact, Holzhauer already broke a Jeopardy! record last Tuesday

The contestant won $110,914 in a single day — the most anyone has ever won in such a short time span on the show. How did he do it? By taking risks.