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Source: VH1

Is 'Cartel Crew' Star Nicole Zavala Faking Her Relationship for the Cameras?


On Season 2 of Cartel Crew, it was revealed that Nicole Zavala is casually seeing NBA player Torrey Craig. But despite claims that he "treats her like gold," the b-baller appears to have already cheated on the VH1 star just a couple months in to dating.

In fact, Bad Girls Club alum Winter Blanco claimed to be the other woman, even posting a lingerie pic allegedly taken in Torrey’s bedroom. Nicole addressed the controversy in an Instagram Live video last month, but seemed weirdly calm about the whole situation. 

As it turns out, Nicole from Cartel Crew and her new boyfriend have an open relationship.

The 26-year-old told fans that she wasn’t bothered by Winter’s photo because she and Torrey aren’t exclusive. "I don’t give a f--k what he does, you feel me?" she said in the video.